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People are buying more gift cards (duh)

DEC 14 2021…. Square reported an increase in gift card purchases, which are up 43% YoY. (Square is a payment processing service, so I guess they have visibility on that.) Teresa was looking for gift cards for the inlaws and outlaws, and we finally bought a batch from Target online- (although they are dragging their feet!)

What happened to The Restless Mouse Novelty Company?

After about 20 years, we packed it in. Closed our doors. Like one of those Oriental Rug Emporiums, we got the bug for shutting down, shutting up, and moving on. We still sell stuff on ebay sometimes.

Ideally, in a few months, there will be room in the garage for a ping-pong table, or a nice old man car, maybe a Lincoln Aviator? Sweet ride but no eating in the car and the dog can’t go.

Hopefully Teresa won’t fill the garage up with gardening stuff, so she can convert the little structure in the back yard into a “she shed”.







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