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Teresa and the kids usually go to the Walmart about once a week. Invariably there are items on the receipt I can’t identify, and they don’t remember even though they were at the checkstand less than an hour ago. I hope this helps.

You probably know lines with an X to the right of the price are non-taxable items.

First off, try searching for the description, or if that doesn’t work, the 14 digit stock number; or try the stock number without any leading zeroes.

Here are some Mystery items I have found, by those methods, or by interrogating the offending shoppers. New entries on top, use CTRL-F to search.

MS EVERYDAY 076002858111 -It’s a pillow. Just a pillow to lay your head on at night. I don’t get it. Who buys a pillow every day?

AS 12 MG “Angel Soft” toilet tissue, 12 rolls. I don’t know what MG stands for, it should say TT for toilet tissue. Of course AS means Angel Soft (That’s the kind with the dead baby on the front)

BEACH SC 066553810517 – SC means SHOWER CURTAIN, not SKIN CONDITIONER! This one, I should have caught. I actually saw the shower curtain before I looked at the receipt.

C81 CHRYWD $7.68 – I couldn’t read the UPC on this, but it’s Cherrywood Bacon! Unfortunately, I am on a low sodium diet. My wife is just tormenting me. NOTE: Maybe it’s CB1? I can barely read this receipt.

CAORNGCRM1L 007874212810 F .57 – This one has that X for non-tax items but F for food? I knew it was bottled flavored water, we buy tons of this. It’s the only kind of bottled water I like. Our tap water tastes funny. CA for the brand, ORNGCRM = Orange Cream, one liter.

CR CMP CINN 003700067038 $3.00 – I don’t know why I didn’t realize CR means CREST – I think it was the CMP… turns out CMP means COMPLETE… I would have used CR TPST CIN maybe?

EQ EASE 50 CT 068113122393 This one was a puzzler. It turned out to be those disposable dental picks that Teresa uses. EQ means it is Walmart’s “Equate” store brand. 50 CT, of course means there are 50. So what is “Ease”? There is no “ease” about dental care. It’s a necessary pain in the butt.

FNT MANDARIN 003426445131 $7.28 You would think this would be a tray of oranges, wouldn’t you? But no… It is an oatmeal flea and tick dog shampoo, with a “mandarin violet scent”, much to the dog’s dismay. Teresa wanted to get just oatmeal shampoo, the critters here do not have fleas or ticks. The dog takes a pill once a month to ward them off, although the pills are INCREDIBLY expensive.

FS OS 19 004460060105 $15.28 Apparently this is kitty litter with Febreze in it. Like that’s going to help. Fifteen bucks for some sandy stuff for the cat latrine. WTH

GUM SFTPK100 007094200242 It’s not gum, as in “Hey Joe! You got gum?”- Teresa uses these weird flossing sticks to clean her gums. I don’t know why she doesn’t use floss like the rest of us. I guess there are several ways to floss, the important thing is to do it.

Grated Parmesan, Romano, and barn sweepings cheese.

GV 1 – GV means “Great Value” so you will see this one a lot. Today it was GV 1 – That turned out to be “Grated Parmesan and Romano” cheese. Apparently the king of the Great Value brand. For under $3, it does appear to be a good deal.

GV 1 can be attached to any Great Value product, I guess. I had one today that turned out to be a gallon of 1% milk (UPC 007874235188)

I suspect that the person keying it in saw that and said “Bloody Hell!! I’m not keying all that in! The sweatshop manager would have my head! He would probably lock us all in here to type until our arthritic fingers bleed!”

GV6100CT 007874235053 $5.18 – I guess these small paper plates for $5+ would be a good deal at “6100” ct., but sadly you only get 100. My daughter packs a lunch and they come in handy.

GV 9 PNY P 007874234927 $4.82 It’s 100 paper plates. Maybe they are trying to conceal the fact that their idea of a “Great Value” is almost a nickel each for paper plates?

HSE ORN 087487201819 $6.98 – It threw me off because my wife bought this on Halloween day. A box of flat Christmas ornaments, little houses to desecrate our tree with. Seven bucks! Real estate prices are out of control.

HSY TREE 003400048164 $2.24 – Teresa was annoyed that I discovered these Tree and stocking shaped “White Creme chips”. What the hell is “White Creme”. Whatever it is, THEY ARE FOR COOKIES. STAY OUT OF THEM.

MS FISHY SC 0073316109280 $8.97 – This turned out to be a shower curtain with an aquarium theme. SC Means Shower Curtain… Go figure.

PRM PRTN BST 026196500564 F – Pretrimmed chicken breast for $5.64 – We are starting to think about raising our own chickens.

PS LAV 60oz 004129440112 $3.22 – I could have sworn this LAVender liquid would be inexpensive liquid hand soap in a big jug. But the Walmart site finally yielded the answer, PS means Pine Sol. Who knew Pine Sol came in Lavender scent? I would much prefer the classic formula, but I don’t want to mop the floor today, so I will keep my mouth shut.

S7KL 4 DBL – Here are some paper towels, four normal rolls, but they claim to be “double sized” so the package of 4 rolls is supposedly the same as 8 “regular” rolls. It’s the new math baby! I call BS on this bit of marketing trickery.

SEL SH MST11 004116760352 $6.98 Now see, I always think “select” when I see SEL. But it turns out that SEL SH means “Selsun Blue Shampoo”. But where is the B or BL for Blue? Another thing that led me astray, it’s $6.98, I guess zinc is a precious metal now?

TPP T50 52oz 004850020291 F $3.48 – It’s the T50 that threw me off. As it turns out, TPP means Tropicana Pulp, T50 means it’s 50% less sugar. 52 ounces of it. I used to like the OJ that came in the frozen can, I would scrape some off with a spoon and eat it straight. Then I guess I burned it off on my Schwinn Stingray. Kids then could eat anything.

WBF APPLWD 007925100001 F $4.46 – Wright Brand… Foods? Applwd threw me off, and not a clue there that it’s BACON. Wright Brand Thick Sliced Applewood bacon. Real wood smoked (How else would you do it??)