Kaleidoscopic image of hardware store springs
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This right here, is spring fever.

I was at McLendon’s Hardware in Renton a few weeks ago, and I was impressed with their assortment of springs. Sadly, I could not think…

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The lifeblood of a printer
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Printer blood

I was taking apart my defunct printer, to dispose of it and also for shits and giggles.

I thought these were wires at first, turns out they are ink hoses

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It’s important to have goals!

Teresa found this little blurb in a book from a thrift store a while back. I like the twist at the end.

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Your mother in law, per San Francisco's wax museum
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Young men, this is a must for happy marriage

your Mother-In-Law has a bond with your wife, and you need be polite and friendly even if you don’t feel i

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A complaint about my epson printer, the scanner this time.

Getting the hang of youtube?

I also have complaints about the SCANNER on that Epson 2850, so I make another crappy you-tube video about that. Maybe someone will see it…

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I can’t catch a good deal

we were backing out of a parking spot and this happened. I didn’t see a flatbed trailer someone parked behind me and it lined up just so to pop my reflector.

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I found this old “Mad Reader”, it’s a 1970’s reprint of 1950’s content. Their spoof of Archie Comics was, in my opinion, better than the real thing!

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Amazon’s dumbest idea yet

Doesn’t Amazon know, out of the tens of thousands of people getting Amazon packages in this particular style of box with the whimsical suggestion on…

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Muddy tire marks going up a chain link fix
Posted in Highways and Byways

There’s 2WD, 4WD, and then there’s….

At first glance, it looks like some errant driver tried to climb my neighbor’s fence. How rude!

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Epson printer envelope printing glitch
Posted in Mildly Interesting

Epson compelled me!

So irritated with a certain glitch in my recently purchased Epson printer, I made a youtube video about it. It’s not pretty

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