Weekend Gold Miner booklet
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My lack of gold makes me blue

   November 17, 2021  0 Comments on My lack of gold makes me blue

I got this old book, “The Week-end Gold Miner” at an auction, dreaming of adventure and riches.

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Pink Shoelaces – Dodie Stevens Live 1959

   November 16, 2021  0 Comments on Pink Shoelaces – Dodie Stevens Live 1959

Thirteen year old Dodie Stevens scored a big hit in 1959 with this song. Another YouTube video shows her forty…

3" blue toy gun
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What about guns? Where do we get guns?

   November 15, 2021  0 Comments on What about guns? Where do we get guns?

I don’t know where you get your guns, I found this one in the street while walking the dog. About 3″ long, just the right size for Ken to take revenge on that guy in the Nissan. Get over it, Ken.

Martha is afraid of the pit toilet postcard
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Campground terror!

   November 13, 2021  0 Comments on Campground terror!

People who aren’t used to camping can get spooked after darkt. This camper looks like she already was having a hard night.

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Sir Mix-A-Lot – My Hooptie

   November 11, 2021  0 Comments on Sir Mix-A-Lot – My Hooptie

Music video by Sir Mix-A-Lot performing My Hooptie. © 1989 American Recordings, LLC source I know all about hoopties… When…

An old lunchpail
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NeverJetHot: Our story.

   November 10, 2021  2 Comments on NeverJetHot: Our story.

It’s the personal blog of a somewhat bored retired airplane factory drone. Oddly, my name anagrams to “Never Jet Hot”. Go figure!

Meet the Dutch whimsical WWII postcard
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Friendship in war

   November 9, 2021  0 Comments on Friendship in war

Not sure precisely what is going on here. The dutch girl and the soldier on the tank seem to be hitting it off…

Rural copy enjoying their new larger outhouse
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A bigger reading room

   November 8, 2021  0 Comments on A bigger reading room

I guess it’s the Human Condition, we always strive for bigger and fancier surroundings.

1956 Mopsy comic
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Worst. Play. Ever.

   November 7, 2021  0 Comments on Worst. Play. Ever.

I don’t blame Mopsy for taking the theater seat to recoup some of her money for seeing “New Play”. That was a real stinker.

Santa can't deal with the kid that stayed up late (postcard)
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Santa can’t deal

   November 5, 2021  0 Comments on Santa can’t deal

I would like to go back to vague wish lists, these days everybody just puts the wishes on a list in Amazon, just click and wrap when it gets here. Where’s the fun in that?