Skeleton in the closet

Honestly, I have no idea what is going on with this postcard. The guy with the giant plaid butt, the Va-va-voom lady with the impoosibly tiny feet,...

Doctor’s Orders

My liver doctor told me I needed to be on a high protein diet. So I immediately went to the nearest Denny's and had a big ol' steak, so...

Easter 1964

Lisa seems to be saying “You’re wearing the wrong shoes!” - but Teresa is all “You do what you want! I’m getting me some eggs!” So long ago.

Wordle tip

I should have known that wordle would reuse the T in this game. Reusing letters is one of their little artful dodges. I almost said STARE on...

Orange music

I ran across the exact radio I had when I was a kid, for years and years... Until I sort of grew out of it and discovered FM radio.