Grand Theft Auto Ron Howard speed
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Grand Theft Potsie!

   August 20, 2023  0 Comments on Grand Theft Potsie!

OK, Potsie and Ralph Malph did not appear in Ron Howard’s “Grand Theft Auto”. But Mrs. C. was still the mom! It’s a fun movie, and a great way to get the taste of “Cocaine Bear” out of your mouth.

Lapp Family digs
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There are many Lapps

   August 18, 2023  0 Comments on There are many Lapps

I came across this very old postcard in a lot I purchased a while back. This family is glad to pose on their little hill and with their (reindeer?)

Old but souped-up CHP car does not play by the rules.
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A simple cops vs Speeders flick

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Here’s a simple movie about an out-of-control cop in a speed-trap town, a stranger with a gaudy, souped-up car out…

1957 article about lung cancer
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Smoking causes WHAT??

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STURGEON GENERAL SAYS SMOKING IS FISHY! Imagine it’s March, 1957. You are relaxing after work, listening to a ball game…

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Flicko the very bad light switch

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Lie in the dark with Flicko, or flick his snotty red nose to make the lights come on?

Charles Miller, his friends called him Buddy, and everybody was his friend
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R.I.P. Bud Miller

   August 11, 2023  0 Comments on R.I.P. Bud Miller

RIP Bud Miller of Beaver, Forks, and Yakima My brother and friend Bud Miller AKA Charles S. Miller, passed away…

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BE the death of the party!

   August 8, 2023  0 Comments on BE the death of the party!

Sarge (Sad Sack) comic book featuring this Regence novelty ad… It gives a kid a break from the relentless violence inflicted on the Sad Sack by Sarge. Beetle Bailey had it a lot easier.

The QFC King mascot
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QFC King deposed? Ads are fickle.

   August 7, 2023  0 Comments on QFC King deposed? Ads are fickle.

This 1963 “Prudence Penny” insert in the Seattle PI indicates that this is the first Christmas for the little QFC king.

The dreaded Friday memo
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Office Memos were different then

   August 5, 2023  0 Comments on Office Memos were different then

Here’s a memo from Wichita Boeing, circa 1951, came out on a Friday. That gave the Assembly Records Clerks a chance to decipher the 3 page memo, figure out when to use a red tab and what the APL folder is because the leadMAN is going to ask HER for it at some point.