Gilbert Gottfried podcast
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A few paragraphs in favor of “Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Technicolor Podcast” – Don’t care for his comedy stylings? Nails on a chalkboard? Listen anyway. Listen…

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outhouse with television
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Cousin Jethro is on Hullabaloo today!

Pa is busy upgrading his outhouse with television, so it must be something special on. Otherwise, why not look at that Sears catalog hanging on…

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Screenshot from It Aint My Fault Brothers Osborne
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It ain’t my fault

I don’t know how all this hullaballoo in our nation’s capitol today is going to pan out, all I know is… IT AIN’T MY FAULT

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Library card from "Our American Neighbors"
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Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

Here’s an old textbook from a yard sale. It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians. I think all…

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Wholesale gun ad 1960
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My team won, see?

This 1960 copy of “Spare Time” has a lot of money making opportunities, but not sure about the little 22 pistols wholesaling for $6.95 The…

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Color this to calm your mind.
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They were out of peyote

It came to management’s attention that people on the factory floor were under stress. Stressed out people make mistakes! So they brainstormed, picked up plastic…

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Borax 20 mule team
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Stubborn as a mule?

I have often heard the phrase, “stubborn as a mule”. Yet here are 20 mules pulling some heavy load through a desert. It’s not like…

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Old Buick with too much in the trunk
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Junk in the trunk

Look at the way this Buick is riding! What does she have in her trunk? I know there’s a full size spare back there, and…

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HO train coming out of a tunnel
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Night train?

I was looking at the sad progress on our train layout here. Eventually the mountains on the back third of the layout will tower over…

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Draw a paycheck

My dad was like that. Anytime he was involved in something creative or contemplative, he smoked his pipe, or at least had it handy. The…

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