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Uncle Hank

I sure would love to see my dad’s Uncle Hank pull up in his old pickup, usually with a dog along for the ride.

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Love is... park bench splinters.
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Love like you want to love

This is how we roll. Sitting outside. Naked. Sharing a contagious disease.

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PIONEER CLUB: The honest Casino

The famed Pioneer Club lays it on the line in this 1948 gaming guide; “Maybe you’ll TAKE the SLOT MACHINES… or vice versa!” Nevermind the…

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Lancelot Link's organizition C.H.I.M.P.. fought evildoers, but I wasn't real clear on the plot sometimes.
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GET OFF THE SCHWINN – Time for Lancelot Link

Loved watching Lancelot Link! Chimpanzee intrigue at it’s finest.

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Mcdonald's playing bits
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Who has Park Place?

BE HONEST, who else had the “board” and collected these off the sides of their Mcdonald’s fries or soft drinks?

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Comic postcard; mistakes lady's butt for beach ball
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Beach Ball Bingo

So many things wrong with this. Everybody is wearing hideous clothing, even for beachwear- And this lady is walking(?) on the sand in HIGH HEELS….

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Do the math on your phone bill

I found this old GTE promo from probably 1990 or so? Back then we had a “land line” so had to pay

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Ballpoint or Fountain pen?

I thought it would be fun to try fountain pens, but gosh they are expensive; about $10 each!

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Just because it’s Samsung

I thought the water filter for our ice maker was an inline one that goes behind the fridge, it was time so we took almost…

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I want FASTER Monopoly, not this monstrosity

I previously posted here about our experience with the – We like to move things along, because of short attention spans I guess. So…

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