Iron snot

Little Lulu* was once a mascot for Kleenex. I don’t think I would like my Kleenex to be as sturdy as Lulu’s, only sturdy enough to withstand sneezing etc. *Little Lulu was a comic book often found at the children’s dentist office, like Highlights. Goofus and Gallant set a pretty low bar for children’s entertainment.

Be vigilant! I guess?

Not sure what the mask situation is from one day to the next, government and trasport still mostly say masks for everybody, but private businesses must get a different flavor of Corona, they’re mostly “whatever floats your boat”. I wonder what army sentries are doing about this? So happy to be retired!

HELP – A highbrow MAD

Back in the early days of MAD magazine, they had some competition- Such as HELP! I like the intricate drawing style of some of this early work, there was a lot to take in, and I don’t just mean Jane in this Tarzan parody. Unfortunately, a lot of the content of Help! was a bit […]

They got the memo

I have noticed that newspaper cartoonists often use variations on the same gag on any given day. For example, the other day, Dilbert and F minus ran variations on a joke involving consultants shooting themselves in the foot. Dogbert is probably right… the people that would buy that book would do so without stopping to […]

A Seattle thing

I always though the newspaper comic “The Berrys” was set in the midwest, but this is such a northwest thing. Usually rain off and on in the morning, maybe clear up for a few hours after lunch. At least it’s not humid. I wouldn’t mind, but the dog gets muddy.


My former employer tried a clever approach to the problem of people wasting time in the loo… They took out some of the lighting, leaving only enough to “do your business” but not enough to read the newspaper. Eventually the lights returned, probably the maintenance man didn’t get the message.

Just trying to help!

So I told Teresa that she needs a new toothbrush- the bristles are all splayed out- a few minutes later, I noted that Daphne’s was in the same sad shape.Unfortunately, I caught Teresa in a foul mood- I got “What are you? The toothbrush police?” It’s all fun and games until someone needs a root […]

Why not a Doberman?

This guy’s lion… a good burglar deterrent? Perhaps. But wouldn’t she cost a fortune in gazelle meat, and kitty litter? And forget having nice furniture. She’s supposed to be “not mean, just playful”… Yeah, the same could be said of our Calico, Maize. But she plays rough!