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Beach Ball Bingo

So many things wrong with this. Everybody is wearing hideous clothing, even for beachwear- And this lady is walking(?) on the sand in HIGH HEELS. How?

I don’t blame her for being upset at the gentleman who mistook her butt for a beach ball. Kind of overkill to turn his eye into an octothorp though.

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Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

Library card from "Our American Neighbors"

Here’s an old textbook from a yard sale. It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians.

I think all the entries after Nyla Sperlick and before Tom Ranken are the same kid, a kid who lived in a house with a television I presume… He checked out the book for “Dragnet” in 1954, then “Francis”, I presume he means the talking mule, as his address is “Stall 3 1/2” (Adding the fraction makes it funnier- this kid is a comedy genius).

Who knows why the date is 1868 on that one. Then back to 600 B.C. for Tarzan at cave 6D ( Picture a cave apartment – maybe Tarzan will bring Jane up to show her his etchings! ) Then five years later, Tarzan checks out this book again, but now he’s moved to “Cave 91”.

We can only hope that this kid got into advertising or some such lucrative endeavor, rather than getting electroshock therapy.

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But…. Can she cook?

This is from the cover of a beginner’s Crochet booklet my MIL had. The guy on here is trying to have a good attitude about it, but he secretly fears that he will have to wear it to work as-is. Seems like it would be easy enough to shorten those sleeves?

Seems like not a good advertisement for starting to crochet. It’s like a new-car brochure with a picture of a steaming wreck on the front.

P.S. This is why I don’t buy clothes on the internet.

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Spider cache

We really enjoy Geocaching, but it seems we have found all the good ones around here. However, today we were walking the dog on the Centennial Trail up by Oso, and on a whim I started up the app, and to our surprise and delight we were standing almost on top of a cache we hadn’t found (It was under a bridge.)

As usual I was elected to go down the muddy slope and explore under the bridge (Someone has to hold Scruffy’s leash). The cache mentioned something scary, yet I was unsure because fishing line becomes invisible in dark places so all I saw under the bridge was this spider…


… So I knocked it off the ledge with a stick. There was the little tube with a bit of soggy paper to log the find. I thought it was a conventional cache with items to trade, but that’s OK because this one was clever. Personally I would have tied it to a Tupperware lock-n-lock wrapped in black duct tape, with additional flap to keep the moisture at bay. Maybe even rig it up so another spider drops down over your head when the first spider is moved? But let’s not look a gift cache in the mouth, or whatever.

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We would be benevolent royalty

Daphne’s birthday rolled around again, this time she chose the Experience Music Project (EMP museum) at Seattle Center. We aren’t really that interested in seeing the Nirvana exhibit, however the room with antique guitars was interesting.
I spent the extra $5 per for the Science Fiction museum housed within; There was an exhibit about horror movies that was really interesting, but I am still not sure which museum it was a part of.
The Myths and Monsters (?) exhibit had these huge thrones, and by then Teresa and I were just glad to sit down and rule over this dystopian scene, if only for a moment.
As expected, on a Sunday afternoon it was loud, crowded, and overstimulated all senses. The building and exhibits were laid out haphazardly, what do you expect from a building that looks like a giant alien slug? Sorry, I guess art is subjective… Anyway Daphne started feeling sick and everyone else got a headache… So we missed out on the Star Trek exhibit. Should have went there first I guess.

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How to use a telephone

We were watching an old “telephone manners” instructional video on Youtube, and I mentioned to Teresa the little booklet we got in like second grade when a genial fellow from Ma Bell came out to talk to us… So she goes upstairs and rummages around and guess what she kept…


It had all sorts of useful information in it, here’s an example of how people used to communicate before telephones…

ttb_greek runner It’s bad enough the messenger had to go on foot, but oh, those sandals… running in flip-flops! I have a hunch that a lot of these messengers slowed to a walk as soon as they got far enough away from the boss.


A nice things about the telephone, is that you can call anyone! Even Jimmy Head! (More on him later)

Not sure about the repairman who can’t figure out his wrench though… and I definitely would not call this cop! He is just dying to try out his new baton, having busted his old one over the skull of some random miscreant.

ttb_operatortheybeatme “Operator, may I have the number for child protective services? What do you mean it hasn’t been invented yet! My dad says he is going to beat the freckles off of me!”

“Sally, are you going to the Freckles Anonymous meeting tonight?…. Gee, that’s swell!”

Here’s Teresa’s personal phone directory. Apparently Lorie H. had an unlisted number. I am guessing that Teresa could call Jimmy Head if she needed to track somebody down. He sounds like the kind of guy who knew where the bones were buried.

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Now all you need is some Hi Karate

MB-Gem-Razor-Stubble1 Had to get this matchbook at a street sale, after embarrassing myself by letting a lecherous HEHEHEHE laugh escape while reading the comic. Very curious about this GEM razor with “guiding eye”… Not sure I want it watching me shave though.

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Patient Pockets

retropocketsEver prepared, my mother-in-law kept these extra pockets on hand, for about fifty years I’d guess?

It was just in case there was a need for pockets mounted externally, over pink pants and a pink belt, although I guess any color would work. I can’t tell if the man in the picture is smiling because he is pleased with his new pockets, or if it’s a precursor to murderous rage.