Fred Meyer Mystery Items

We shop at Fred Meyer sometimes, and I have noticed that some of their receipts contain items that I am not sure of. So I started this page to go along with the WalMart mysteries page.

1111041690 FRED MEYER M $3.19 F – The M stands for milk, in this case a gallon of 1%. A better way would be to put “GAL FM 1% MILK”… But what do I know.

111050574 KROGER CHOC $2.99 F – Milk again, this time a quart of 1% chocolate. Whatever happened to Nestle Quik?

1111050508 KRO DLX DAIR $2.99 F – Kroger Deluxe Jammed Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

I could give Teresa a little talk about buying all this crap, but she will say “It’s summer! We need ice cream to cool off!” Good grief.