Disrespecting Rosie the Riveter

I came into possession of some wartime correspondence. This fellow wrote to his girlfriend in November of 1942. Stationed in California, at one point he was telling her of a new law in California, similar to a Chicago statute, banning women from sitting at bars unaccompanied; they had to sit at tables instead. Are they […]

Keep the shiny side up.

I guess these Army jeeps were not built for precision or comfort. There is a picture my dad took around here somewhere… I think it was in Okinawa. Some AF guys standing around looking at a jeep on it’s side, right off the little road winding among the quanset huts. Someone was probably in a […]

Calvary Training

This little girl does not understand, the Calvary must train somehow, and everybody is on a low budget. As the Kinks so truthfully said, “I’m a cut price person in a low budget land”. In fact, we are still in lockdown, and it’s time to cut my own hair again in that case. Do I […]