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Too much time on his hands!

   February 7, 2022  0 Comments on Too much time on his hands!

This guy seriously has too much time on his hands, but since I am just sitting around WATCHING this video,…

Baby Got Back at the Seattle Symphony
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Mix-a-lot’s in trouble!

   August 21, 2021  0 Comments on Mix-a-lot’s in trouble!

Sir Mix-a-Lot invited all these classy ladies from the Seattle Symphony audience down to get down. Results were delightful!

The Green Cross Code ads
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You’re not Greenzo!

   August 15, 2021  0 Comments on You’re not Greenzo!

At first glance I thought this was David Schwimmer’s obnoxious “Greenzo” from 30 Rock. I thought Greenzo was just a smug jerk at the time. Now I am starting to come around to his way of thinking!

Elvis impersonator with 57 Cadillac
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Elvis lives!

   August 13, 2021  0 Comments on Elvis lives!

Teresa and I were visiting Las Vegas for the first time in 2014. This was before I had gotten around…

Never On a Sunday Movie Poster free
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Never on a Sunday? But it’s only Friday.

   August 6, 2021  0 Comments on Never on a Sunday? But it’s only Friday.

This and the music of South Pacific, and my dad’s Polka music, these albums are garage sale fodder now.

Coffee with Helen Wyatt
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Coffee with Helen

   February 14, 2021  0 Comments on Coffee with Helen

Coffee with Helen on YouTube. I can barely watch her because she makes me miss my mom so bad. Also…