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Elvis-O-Rama, why hast thou forsaken me?

Teresa and I were visiting Las Vegas for the first time in 2014. Riding a shuttle bus from the airport to our hotel, I caught a glimpse of the Elvis-O-Rama sign. I was so excited by this that I blurted out, “There’s an Elvis museum! Right next to the dildo museum!!

Sadly, I later learned that Elvis-O-Rama had closed years before. The “Museum of Erotic History” or whatever is still around, but we have never gotten around to that. Maybe we are waiting for a Groupon.

Later (2015?) some sort of Graceland-approved Elvis exhibit opened at the Westgate, but  we missed that too.

They say the Estate of Elvis Presley makes much more money now than Elvis made when he was alive ( We will assume that he is not with us anymore for the sake of argument) But they are making it hard for me to contribute to that when they don’t have something going on in Vegas. Fortunately there are still a few Elvis impersonators around. 

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Las Vegas is like an earwig

Every so often, we get an itch to go to Las Vegas- get out of the rain. Not so much the gambling, just being able to walk outside after dark without a coat is a treat.

This sculpture up at Hoover Dam, always gives me the look- “Back to piss away some more money, huh? I knew you couldn’t resist.”

So I start looking at Youtube videos and airfare, hotel rates. I remember our first trip, it was March 17, everyone on the airport shuttle was dressed in green, mostly costumes like they were trying to get on “Let’s Make a Deal”. I think most of them were already drinking or drunk too. But on the return trip they were a pretty somber bunch. Having to return to reality is a drag.