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Clown with giant match
Posted in Back in My Day The Matchbooks

Bring the kids to Vegas??

Here’s an early, early Circus Circus matchbook. I wonder if the clown dude was a mascot at some time, or just a whim. There is…

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Elvis Slept Here! Motel sign.
Posted in Back in My Day

Elvis-O-Rama, why hast thou forsaken me?

Teresa and I were visiting Las Vegas for the first time in 2014. Riding a shuttle bus from the airport to our hotel, I caught…

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Colorful view of Las Vegas blooming in the desert
Posted in Back in My Day Highways and Byways

Las Vegas is like an earwig

Every so often, we get an itch to go to Las Vegas- get out of the rain. Not so much the gambling, just being able…

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