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Gasoline Alley Wisdom

   May 10, 2022  0 Comments on Gasoline Alley Wisdom

Gasoline Alley Wisdom The guy with the junk wagon always has good advice. I think it’s from smoking a pipe….

They'll do it every time RE: SHOTS
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… And that goes double for covid

   June 15, 2021  0 Comments on … And that goes double for covid

The age old vaccination double standard still stands. It’s even worse these days, because most of us have to go…

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They got the memo

   May 29, 2021  0 Comments on They got the memo

I have noticed that newspaper cartoonists often use variations on the same gag on any given day. For example, the…

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A Seattle thing

   May 25, 2021  0 Comments on A Seattle thing

I always though the newspaper comic “The Berrys” was set in the midwest, but this is such a northwest thing….

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When Riverdale was nice

   February 7, 2021  0 Comments on When Riverdale was nice

I was surprised to find that the “Archie fan club” existed as late as 1989 (Maybe it still does?) A…

Comic strip about standing in line
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The vaccine situation

   February 1, 2021  0 Comments on The vaccine situation

This old comic strip about sums up the current situation with people trying to get the vaccine that they say…