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GTA5 Cheats because I am going to hell anyway

I picked up Grand Theft Auto 5 maybe two years ago now? Three? I enjoy driving around listening to the goofy talk radio.

Unfortunately, the idea is to follow a directed mission, I got stuck at the part where I am supposed to jump from a moving vehicle onto a boat that is being towed and the driver seems intent on not allowing me to complete this task, ludicrous as it is in the first place.

So I haven’t played it for some time. I got to thinking about it, normally I am not a big fan of cheat codes, but then again I’m getting older and my reflexes aren’t what they were. So it was either that or suffer the humiliation of asking my son to be a stunt double of sorts, which he would surely lord over me for a mighty long time.

I found what looks like a pretty good set of cheats at this page

I am going to try it tomorrow because Teresa wants me to go in the living room and watch “That Girl” and “Green Acres” with her.

We have eclectic interests.

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Ryobi 40v mower. Will it do the job?

We finally replaced our gas mower, having moved last fall, I left it at the old house. We upgraded(?) to a “Home Depot exclusive” Ryobi mowers that runs on a chunky 40 volt battery. I’m sure Briggs and Stratton are rolling over in their respective graves.

First mow of the season, what possessed me to not use the bag? In “mulch” mode, it doesn’t seem to puree the clippings, rather it seems like it just leaves it in damp clumps for me to rake the next day. It’s probably because it snowed a lot recently, and the grass was wet underneath. So I am holding judgement on that.

It is not as maneuverable as my old mower which had larger wheels. Made me wish that I had spent another 70 or 80 bucks for the self-propelled model. I guess the exercise is good for me though.

One thing that puzzles me, it has headlights! It takes a real lawn nut to mow after dark.

I was going to give it a 6 out of 10 because mowing is more of a chore with this thing, not less. So far it keeps enough charge to do the front and probably the small back yard too. But I guess I should use it more than once before passing judgement.

It’s probably not a good sign that the guy in the ad looks like he is not enjoying mowing the lawn. It makes him feel like a Stepford husband.

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Let’s talk about toilets!

My family laughs at me because I am always singing the praises of our Kohler Cimmaron upstairs toilet. It truly is a “throne”. We bought it several years ago, and except for the time Teresa knocked a box of bathroom junk from the shelf above into the gaping maw, it has worked flawlessly.

The trick when buying a toilet is to open the box at the hardware store and feel around in the neck where the little jet is, and make sure the porcelain is smooth down there. I rejected I think four toilets before I finally found a smooth one; I would have given up sooner but they were having a really good sale, probably factory seconds on these ones?? …and I had already dragged my old toilet down the stairs.

Did you know that the pipe within the toilet that curves to keep the water in there between flushes, is called the ”Colon”? I know!! I was shocked too. Google it if you don’t believe me!