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1903 Packard drive
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Be nice to your mechanic!

   November 12, 2023  0 Comments on Be nice to your mechanic!

It was 1903 that this Packard was driven from San Francisco to New York, in 51 days. The world’s biggest ball of twine was still just a paperweight.

1909 Wisconsin tornado insurance
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Read the fine print!

   November 11, 2023  0 Comments on Read the fine print!

It specifically excludes farming equipment, reapers, mowers, wagons, buggies, and the like.

Animals are out also; Horses, mules, and colts, cattle, sheep, hogs.

The tiny post office at Muddy, IL
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Too rural for me!

   August 31, 2023  0 Comments on Too rural for me!

I found an old Grit magazine featuring this tiny, tiny post office in Muddy, Illinois. Miss Virginia was postmaster there for many years.

Lapp Family digs
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There are many Lapps

   August 18, 2023  0 Comments on There are many Lapps

I came across this very old postcard in a lot I purchased a while back. This family is glad to pose on their little hill and with their (reindeer?)

The dreaded Friday memo
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Office Memos were different then

   August 5, 2023  0 Comments on Office Memos were different then

Here’s a memo from Wichita Boeing, circa 1951, came out on a Friday. That gave the Assembly Records Clerks a chance to decipher the 3 page memo, figure out when to use a red tab and what the APL folder is because the leadMAN is going to ask HER for it at some point.

1950's couple standing in yard
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Tune the UHF channel for your vicinity

   July 30, 2023  0 Comments on Tune the UHF channel for your vicinity

Teresa’s maternal grandparents living in Renton, Washington, in 1957. I would bet that this was taken late on a Saturday…

Crowne Point Chalet Oregon
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You can’t go there anymore

   June 24, 2023  0 Comments on You can’t go there anymore

We were mulling over where to go on vacation this year. I had a crazy idea, we have a box…

Olympic Sales incentives
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Gone with this Schwinn

   June 11, 2023  0 Comments on Gone with this Schwinn

If you sold for Olympic and got a bike, what brand was it? Were their prizes good? I always took commission instead.

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Hippie cigar box! Groovy

   June 6, 2023  0 Comments on Hippie cigar box! Groovy

Apparently some hippie took some newspaper articles and this deceptive invitation, and Mod-podged the hell out of this wooden cigar…

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Jobs of the future

   June 4, 2023  0 Comments on Jobs of the future

I reckon this diesel racket was a promising career even in 1935, especially for readers of Popular Mechanics, especially smack-dab in the middle of the Great Depression.