Home of the future of the past

From my wife’s 1962 World’s Fair stuff, a guide to the “plywood house of light”. Look at the curves! Kids were probably punished by being told to stand in the corner. It looks like a nice place, but I would worry about moisture damaging all that plywood. This house allows the owner to control all […]

Kill the dandruff germ!

I picked up this neat bottle at the Saturday auction, it once contained “Newbro’s Herpicide” and claimed that it “kills the dandruff germ”. Mr. Newbro had some wacky ideas about what causes dandruff and baldness. I read up on this product at the National Museum of American History website. It was widely sold in the […]


I guess when your head hurts so bad that you can’t even stand the sight of a trademark stamp, you don’t care about side effects, but acetanilid will do a number on your kidneys and liver if you aren’t careful; it’s basically acetaminophen, and here comes the flu pandemic of 1917. Probably not a fun […]

Soldiers of Soda

Back in the day, apparently you could get into the Saturday Matinee for what? A dollar? Thirty-Five cents? Nope! Just six 7-up bottle caps! You could probably find them in the alley behind Uncle Larry’s house, or ask your big brother who works in a diner! PLUS! A real guy from “Soldiers of Fortune” with […]