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War is over, let’s go nuts

It’s 1946, the war is over, and Look magazine asks people what they want. to buy. Because apparently everyone has piles of cash now. They…

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How to use a telephone, old school course
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How to use a telephone

We were watching an old “telephone manners” instructional video on Youtube, and I mentioned to Teresa the little booklet we got in like second grade…

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Kid's homework worksheet
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Do your homework!

Don’t just scribble some crap on it and chuck it out the car window on the way home! All you need to do is write…

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old school drafting
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Pencils down, it’s happy hour

Not sure where I dug this up from, but I am pretty sure my dad worked here or in a very similar situation, when he…

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WWII USN Relay in a can
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The chief is selling stuff online again!

I was messing around in the garage and found this WWII relay in a can! Sorely tempted to take a can opener to it, but…

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Election buttons from 1972
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Political Turmoil

Nixon and Spiro Agnew were up for reelection in 1972, and I guess times were good, because they handily defeated George McGovern. People vote with their wallets, in the end.

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tattooed doll thigh
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Don’t doubt the Garage Sale Queen

I thought she was joking that one had tattoos. Why did I doubt her? She dug around, and sure enough, here’s one with tattoos.

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1950's couple standing in yard
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Tune the UHF channel for your vicinity

Teresa’s maternal grandparents living in Renton, Washington, in 1957. I would bet that this was taken late on a Saturday afternoon, before some kind of…

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57 local dairy princess is sick of milk and even cheese
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Milk makes her fart

Here’s the 1957 Dairy Princess fixing to enjoy a glass of whatever passed for milk back then, probably some un-homogenized whole milk- Here we drink 1%, that stuff would probably taste like a glass of liquid butter to me.

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Jennings Steam Donkey for logging
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Steam Donkey and antique poop

I was walking Cody this morning, and explored a part of Jennings Park I had never been to. It requires passing near the playground, and I am always concerned that Cody will assert his Egyptian heritage and make a pyramid.

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