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Trollbooth cache gives me a Stephen King feeling

This is the “Trollhouse” geocache we logged a few months ago. I put it on our favorites list just for the novelty of it. The lady of the house pulled in as we were examining this amazing bit of folk art, but she just sighed and basically said it was her husband’s doing. The creatures that inhabit this structure are sort of disturbing, maybe when he started it was more whimsical, but got darker and more sinister as time passed? I don’t know, but I am glad it is there. And not here.
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Spider cache

We really enjoy Geocaching, but it seems we have found all the good ones around here. However, today we were walking the dog on the Centennial Trail up by Oso, and on a whim I started up the app, and to our surprise and delight we were standing almost on top of a cache we hadn’t found (It was under a bridge.)

As usual I was elected to go down the muddy slope and explore under the bridge (Someone has to hold Scruffy’s leash). The cache mentioned something scary, yet I was unsure because fishing line becomes invisible in dark places so all I saw under the bridge was this spider…


… So I knocked it off the ledge with a stick. There was the little tube with a bit of soggy paper to log the find. I thought it was a conventional cache with items to trade, but that’s OK because this one was clever. Personally I would have tied it to a Tupperware lock-n-lock wrapped in black duct tape, with additional flap to keep the moisture at bay. Maybe even rig it up so another spider drops down over your head when the first spider is moved? But let’s not look a gift cache in the mouth, or whatever.