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A Wordle Tip!

I am addicted to WORDLE. I discovered something on today’s game; I started with the word FRANK, (Yes, it’s a word!) WORDLE returned the information…

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Yugiyo people running about card
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People Running About, getting scammed

I was looking at my son’s old Yu-Gi-Yo cards, he wasted a lot of his paycheck on these, being young and naive. What could I…

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Original Geocaching game metal ammo box
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Old school Ammo Can Geocaching Game

We have the original deluxe “Cache Me If You Can” geocaching board game, from 2013. The original, which came in an actual metal ammo box,

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That’s $50 a Beatle!

I know some ladies who obsessed over the “Fab Four” back in the sixties… Any of them would be delighted to be gifted with this…

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Custom truck in European truck simulatior game
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When you HAVE to get out

One thing that has helped my fragile sanity in these dark times is playing AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR and it’s cousin EUROPEAN TRUCK SIMULATOR. I turn…

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It was fun a quarter century ago. Outdated software galore

I was looking for a certain CD but got sidetracked looking at my old games; Simcopter, Simtower, add-ons galore for “The sims”… I guess I…

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GTA5 Cheats because I am going to hell anyway

I picked up Grand Theft Auto 5 maybe two years ago now? Three? I enjoy driving around listening to the goofy talk radio. Unfortunately, the…

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