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Verbose homeless sign
Posted in Highways and Byways

Too many cooks defeat homeless sign

Who is going to read all that while sitting at the light?

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Secret Admirer Bear
Posted in Ephemera Love and War files

The Secret Admirer

The Mrs. bought some books at a thrift store a while back, and found a Hallmark card inside- (Estimated to be from 1975) The card…

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Posted in Back in My Day Ephemera Love and War files

Attitude problem

I used to work with a guy that would walk about five feet, stop and sigh heavily, then walk another five feet… I found this…

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Kid's homework worksheet
Posted in Back in My Day

Do your homework!

Don’t just scribble some crap on it and chuck it out the car window on the way home! All you need to do is write…

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Looking for Gunkey the pathetic cat
Posted in Ephemera

Have you seen Gunkey?

Some young, heartbroken child has been searching for a lost cat named “Gunkey”. At least, I think he’s a cot. Detailed drawing, but as far…

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Wipe your boots sign aimed at Earl.
Posted in Love and War files

Have some class, Earl

My guess is some guy named Earl came in with filthy boots more than once, so he is the one getting picked on.

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Posted in Flotsam

Kissed rock? Eeeew

I was dropping something at the post office (the bin inside) on Christmas Day, and on the way out, here was this painted rock with a Charlie Brown tree on it.

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Why can't we get along button
Posted in Flotsam

Not sure how I feel about this button

Why can’t we all just get along?
hahahaha, just kidding.
Fuck you.

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Found Letter, the Cornell one
Posted in Flotsam

Good advice in the shrubs

I was walking the dog in a trashy parking lot and found this page from a letter, I think sent to or from a truck…

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