Eileen had to reach over and push the ONE BUTTON that Larry was supposed to keep an eye on, instead of reading Field & Stream, or Penthouse Letters, or whatever he is so engrossed in. I saw this on Pinterest and the look on Eileen’s face just kills me. Meanwhile, those nerds in the back […]

When Riverdale was nice

I was surprised to find that the “Archie fan club” existed as late as 1989 (Maybe it still does?) A few years ago someone was bored at work (me) and piped up, “BETTY or VERONICA?” and Brad EMPHATICALLY said “BETTY!! No Contest!!” some of the guys didn’t care so much (Maybe they liked Miss Grundy?) […]

Overtime at the Lumber Mill

I was rooting around for something and found these old paystubs, and an electric bill, from 1943. Looks like they took out about 14% for taxes; I thought taxes were lower back then… Maybe making a whole $1.07 an hour bumped you into a higher bracket? Doesn’t sound like a lot, but his electric bill […]