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Shop around for dog meds!

I got an old fat mutt at the animal shelter, took him to the vet because he had lots of bumps all over, and clearly wasn’t on top of his game.

They prescribed an anti-allergy pill called Apoquel, although we don’t know what he is allergic to. I had them write a Px and I filled it at Costco. Later I overheard someone recommending to get dog meds at, I was having problems with my local Costco pharmacy moving too slow, so I tried Chewy. Bada BING – Saved $20 a month, and have it set to autofill. One less thing to keep track of, it looks like a win all around.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t get anything from Chewy for spreading the work regarding the low Px prices. I just ordered it today, so we will see.

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What is this mutt doing in the trunk of my car?? The answer may surprise you!

OK, not too surprising. I was putting some stuff in the trunk, and he leaped in. Maybe before we got him at the pound, some earlier doggie daddy would sneak him into the drive-in movies. Probably Air Bud, or Milo and Otis.

By the way, I made him get out of there before we left. It probably gets uncomfortable back there, and you can’t hang your head out the window.

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Vintage K9

We found this old guy at the animal shelter, looking kinda pathetic because of allergies, according to our vet. We got some pills and eyedrops and special shampoo, now Cody is feeling better. He is enjoying having a back yard, and snoozing on the floor in my office, with no yips and yaps, no parade of humans who don’t recognize the value of an older dog.

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Purritos and other stuff

I am a mite concerned about early-onset dementia sneaking up on me. Last week,  we had salad and spaghetti. Day one I put croutons on my spaghetti. Day two, salad dressing! It was good though.

In other news… I used to go out with a girl named Ginger, but I am kinda glad nothing came of it; she would probably be snapping at me all the time.

We took this picture when our cat Maize was at the vet. I recently learned that when you wrap a cat up like this, it’s called a “purrito”. It pays to increase your word power!

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Fred Flintstone’s toilet was a… pelican? Droll. Very droll.

My mother loved anthropomorphic characters, like Fred Flintstone’s turtle lawnmower, who would pause, look at the camera, and say “It’s a living.”

So it’s no surprise that she cut this (cat litter ad?) out of a magazine, framed it, and hung it in the bathroom for everyone to enjoy.

Later I inherited it, and it hangs in the bathroom here. It was my sisters-in-law’s first visit since we moved, and they were taking turns going in the bathroom, turns out they all wanted to giggle at the cute picture. Thanks mom!