Wet dog blues

Poor Cody looks so pathetic, especially when he is dripping wet. And I still have to carefully hand-pluck those little burr things out of his face-fur. Where does he get those? I don’t know whether give him a scooby snack, or call the ASPCA on myself, although he came from the animal shelter looking like […]


What is this mutt doing in the trunk of my car?? The answer may surprise you! OK, not too surprising. I was putting some stuff in the trunk, and he leaped in. Maybe before we got him at the pound, some earlier doggie daddy would sneak him into the drive-in movies. Probably Air Bud, or […]

Vintage K9

We found this old guy at the animal shelter, looking kinda pathetic because of allergies, according to our vet. We got some pills and eyedrops and special shampoo, now Cody is feeling better. He is enjoying having a back yard, and snoozing on the floor in my office, with no yips and yaps, no parade […]