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Matchbook picture of unkempt Santa Claus
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A red and green bandwagon to jump on

Here’s another Santa matchbook, this one from the nice people at Du-par’s, whoever they are. You have to admit, back when most people smoked, matches…

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Merry Christmas Santa matchbook
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Merry Christmas, you old savings and loan!!

Back in the day, folks didn’t have credit cards. If they wanted something that was more than they could swing this week, they saved for…

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Santa Claus promotional matchbook
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Think ahead, Santa.

One would think someone that is in the habit of climbing into chimneys on cold winter nights, would not distribute matches. Maybe he should stick…

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Gingerbread boy is oblivious

U&I Sugar had a mascot, maybe only at Christmas? A gingerbread boy, smiling because he doesn’t know that his fate is sealed. This guy was…

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The QFC King mascot
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QFC King deposed?

This ad from a Dec. 1963 “Prudence Penny” insert in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicates that this is the first Christmas for the little QFC king….

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Sequim Santa and chicken display
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Over Already???

I had Christmas week off but have to go back to work tonight. What a drag! I didn’t even care about Santa arriving on a…

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