Chicks vs Dudes

I found this board game in the American Science and Surplus catalog ( ) – didn’t bite for several reasons… $9.50 is a bit steep for surplus We don’t care for trivia games the players depicted on the board aren’t even into it (The rope is not taut) Wife is still bitter after last […]

I want FASTER Monopoly, not this monstrosity

I previously posted here about our experience with the – We like to move things along, because of short attention spans I guess. So imagine my dismay and morbid curiosity when I saw this sadistic Monopoly game on DeviantArt; If this becomes a real game, buy stock in Kimberly-Clark, because there will be tears.


Playing Wordfeud with my sister. I have a really lousy hand here, there are five E tiles! I’ve almost cornered the market on the letter E for this game, the whole set only has 12. Should I hoard them to deny her access? Hate to swap tiles, but there is not much to work with […]