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Hippie cigar box! Groovy

Apparently some hippie took some newspaper articles and this deceptive invitation, and Mod-podged the hell out of this wooden cigar…

steampunk hoses
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Not sure my plumber would approve

This fellow seems to be making some sort of a steampunk type display, mostly involving hoses? It looks like fun, a good rainy day activity anyway? I wish we were neighbors, he seems like a mellow creative type.

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We didn’t start the fire

Teresa gets a bit carried away with the “Arts and Crafts” sometimes. My son is appalled, this used to be…

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The Floral Forest

I saw somewhere where a guy substituted floral foam for Woodland Scenics ground cover… Look how it turned out! Just…

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Buggles at dawn

Teresa gets up way, way too early. Like, 10 minutes to 6 early. WHY? She doesn’t have some nine-to-five downtown,…