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Wall-eyed Ben-Gay user
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Ben-gay side effects

   September 21, 2023  0 Comments on Ben-gay side effects

This article says if you put Ben-gay on your forehead and on the back of your neck, it will make your headache go away. Your head will stink, but you won’t have a headache anymore.

don't let your dod lick your face
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Don’t let your dog lick you!

   July 7, 2023  0 Comments on Don’t let your dog lick you!

Look, I love my dog as much as the next guy, and I have been known to give him treats.

Kmart blue light special means there all deals to be had
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Better without words

   December 11, 2022  0 Comments on Better without words

I have found that the K-marts of the 1970’s had it right. Christmas music needs to be in the BACKGROUND.

Ad for gadget to throw your voice
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Throw your voice! Boys only!

   December 4, 2021  0 Comments on Throw your voice! Boys only!

Apparently only boys can learn to throw their voices. I think that has something to do with girls not having…

Enjoying Joy dishwashing liquid
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Follow all instructions

   June 11, 2020  0 Comments on Follow all instructions

It always amazes me what people will eat or drink. Remember when some idiots watching YouTube were eating TIDE PODS?…

Gem Razor Matchbook Guiding Eye
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Now all you need is some Hi Karate

   April 5, 2020  0 Comments on Now all you need is some Hi Karate

Had to get this matchbook at a street sale, after embarrassing myself by letting a lecherous HEHEHEHE laugh escape while…

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How to Marl your boro

   December 6, 2019  0 Comments on How to Marl your boro

I bought something from someone in the Netherlands, and they helpfully included this instruction manual. Apparently the process of opening…

Old Ipana ad
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Bring it back! #112719

   November 27, 2019  0 Comments on Bring it back! #112719

Seems like every day I find that something is better the way it used to be. Case in point, Ipana…

Girl dreaming of a Christmas sweater
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Santa is in a minefield

   November 26, 2019  0 Comments on Santa is in a minefield

I never know what to get my wife for Christmas. They are pushing those fancy Pelotin exercise bikes on TV…

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Grandma’s soap saver

   November 21, 2019  0 Comments on Grandma’s soap saver

I was listening to the Larry Miller podcast, he was going on about saving soap slivers in the shower, somehow…