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How to Marl your boro

I bought something from someone in the Netherlands, and they helpfully included this instruction manual. Apparently the process of opening a pack of cigs has a learning curve? You will probably find that it does not “taste good like a cigarette should”… rather “It tastes bad, like the one you just had”.

Maybe if you go with step 4 and give one to a friend, they will share their Mad Dog with you.

How to open and enjoy tour soft-pack cigarettes.
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Bring it back! #112719

Seems like every day I find that something is better the way it used to be. Case in point, Ipana squeeze bottle toothpaste.

Toothpaste tubes are just nasty. Looking for an alternative, I see that Amazon has pump bottle toothpaste, (expensive) and even toothpaste tablets that you chew to get it foaming, then brush. Yuk.

What happened to the simple squeeze bottle toothpaste? They could make it recyclable plastic; The plastic filament my 3d printer uses is derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, sugar cane, tapioca roots and potato starch. That would be perfect.

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Santa is in a minefield

I never know what to get my wife for Christmas. They are pushing those fancy Pelotin exercise bikes on TV as a gift, with some inane zoomer taking 38 selfies before she even gets on the thing. I’m like, Really, I’m to get her an exercise machine for Christmas? I think not. No vacuum cleaners or kitchen utensils either. We haven’t been married 36 years for me to get el kabonged with a new skillet.

A sweater might go over well, a yellow one- if she is as high as the lady in this ad, there will be Cheetos dust.

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Grandma’s soap saver

I was listening to the Larry Miller podcast, he was going on about saving soap slivers in the shower, somehow mushing them together to form a bar sufficient to bathe with. Apparently that is how they roll on the island of Milleronia.

Larry would be thrilled to have one of these Soap Banks. I found them in my dad’s old 1951 Jensen-Byrd wholesale supplier catalog. You just put your odd soap slivers inside, get it wet, and let the DuPont Cellulose sponge get nice and sudsy. That generation had endured the Great Depression and they were keen on saving money.

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Wait until the other shoe drops

These “Ripple” shoes probably were fun and different to wear, and maybe changed a person’s gait in a positive way. Years later, say 1970 something, my sister had some oddly wedge shaped heels on her shoes branded “Get There” that made similar claims.

I think that Ripple shoes were defeated by the same thing that killed “Waffle Stompers”…


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Life can be pleasant with Molson

Yes, life can be pleasant when you are holding your skis at something like port arms and someone is bringing bottles of frosty Molson Ale… Unfortunately, the guy at the end in the plaid shirt sees only two bottles, and there are three skiers. It looks like he is about to create a ruckus, which is pretty shocking for a Canadian. He was already mad about the “one ski per person” policy.