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Pig bristle toothbrush ad
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Fun facts to know and tell

There is something wrong with this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Apparently pigs used to brush their teeth with their own…

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Trix Bunny back of cereal box
Posted in The Advertising

Cereal Mascots on the prowl

I was having a bowl of Golden Grahams, reading the back of the cereal box (Having forgotten to bring my cellphone downstairs); I was momentarily…

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Four Food to Never Eat CLICKBAIT ad
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Number 4 will shock you!

This clickbait ad says that if I quit eating a certain four foods that my belly fat will just melt away.

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Otter the Haggen mascot
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I was perusing the local free newspaper a while back and was stopped in my tracks by this enticing coupon. Haggen’s is a little upscale…

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Ad for Kiss me in the dark tie
Posted in Love and War files The Advertising

Girls can’t resist!

Years ago, women were so bored out of their skulls that they would flock to a man wearing a “Kiss me in the dark, baby”…

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The QFC King mascot
Posted in Back in My Day The Advertising

QFC King deposed?

This ad from a Dec. 1963 “Prudence Penny” insert in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer indicates that this is the first Christmas for the little QFC king….

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