Into the north woods

I have been having trouble finding the right materials and paint etc. to make the background hills on our train layout look realistic, along with other problems. So whenever I get frustrated, I just plant more happy little trees, and bushes/shrubbery, and add a few critters. You can’t go wrong with forested areas.

It pleases Harriet

Ever notice how a model railroad always brings a smile? I’m not sure why the hobby shop owner didn’t notice the transformer was missing on the “trade-in”. I wouldn’t have done it, you can do chemistry experiments with household chemicals. That’s why they call them CHEMicals.

The Floral Forest

I saw somewhere where a guy substituted floral foam for Woodland Scenics ground cover… Look how it turned out! Just take a block of that green floral form from your wife’s stash, or get some from the crafts department of your favorite discount store. Take a cheese shredder (I got one at the Goodwill) and […]

Conceal my ineptitude!

As you see, the back third of the primary train layout here, will be mountains; tall mountains when I’m done. This is layered syrofoam panels, but the upper reaches will probably be crumpled newspaper under plaster cloth. Add some carved or molded rock Hydrocal, lots of paint, bushes, trees, buildings… What’s nice about the mountains, […]

I’m getting railroaded…

Here’s something I learned. Acrylic white mixed with a color they call “coffee” equals a nice gray. Acrylic white mixed with India ink, equals a particularly unpleasant shade of black. Hoping to paint over it but it’s a long shot. Even more lessons learned putting together a train layout. I told Frank, why don’t we […]

Night train?

I was looking at the sad progress on our train layout here. Eventually the mountains on the back third of the layout will tower over a forest and a small town. Then I had an idea, maybe as we go along, we could add lights; lighted windows, street lights, blinking comm towers in the hills, […]

Barf Valley Mountain

I have been experimenting with the train layout, and it shows. The texture of this mountainside rockery is OK, but the paint came out looking like some sort of military grade baby poop. Maybe I can fix that with a layer of matte something? I thought layering the mountain terrain using 1/2″ styrofoam panels would […]