train tunnels in progress
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Conceal my ineptitude!

As you see, the back third of the primary train layout here, will be mountains; tall mountains when I’m done. This is layered syrofoam panels,…

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gray rockery paint
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I’m getting railroaded…

Here’s something I learned. Acrylic white mixed with a color they call “coffee” equals a nice gray. Acrylic white mixed with India ink, equals a…

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HO train coming out of a tunnel
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Night train?

I was looking at the sad progress on our train layout here. Eventually the mountains on the back third of the layout will tower over…

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HO scale mountain rockery
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Barf Valley Mountain

I have been experimenting with the train layout, and it shows. The texture of this mountainside rockery is OK, but the paint came out looking…

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Chessie systems Tyco
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Chessie was just catching mice and became a star

The little HO scale railroad in my garage is barely started, but is already overrun by colorful rolling stock, a lot of it is cheap…

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HO SHIT not the trains again
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HO SHIT Scale Railroading

Apparently, I forgot what a frustrating hobby this was, my last train set was about 25 years ago, and my first when I was about…

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