The Thermostat Wars

Who is cold and who is hot at your house? Teresa turns the FAN on at bedtime. It’s a post-menopause thing, she says. She does generate a lot of heat. If only we could corral all of this thermal energy? Later, after the fan is off, she goes into a type of sleep that generates […]


Apparently some folks on the /WallStreetBets board of Reddit decided that they didn’t like the big hedge funds betting against GameStop stock. So they decided as a group to buy, buy, buy that stock. I am thinking a few of them pulled out and made a life-changing profit; and many others lost their shirts. I […]

I’m not putting my mouth on that dude!

It’s a good thing that they changed the CPR to chest compressions only, (To the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” just by coincidence) – With this virus going around, and the general paranoia about all things hygiene that will linger for years after for sure, CPR is scary. CPR contraptions such as this antique device would […]

Stubborn as a mule?

I have often heard the phrase, “stubborn as a mule”. Yet here are 20 mules pulling some heavy load through a desert. It’s not like the driver is able to do anything to force them to do so, the mules in front are out of reach and probably can’t even hear him. They are too […]