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Lapp Family digs
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There are many Lapps

   August 18, 2023  0 Comments on There are many Lapps

I came across this very old postcard in a lot I purchased a while back. This family is glad to pose on their little hill and with their (reindeer?)

Comic postcard family at the beach
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Beach Adventures

   July 31, 2023  0 Comments on Beach Adventures

My mother was concerned that the undertow would drag me out to sea while she was sneaking a Kool behind the restrooms.

Happy at work?
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I want to work (?)

   July 12, 2023  0 Comments on I want to work (?)

I had this postcard under the plexiglass on my desk at work for years and years. It spoke to me,…

Crowne Point Chalet Oregon
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You can’t go there anymore

   June 24, 2023  0 Comments on You can’t go there anymore

We were mulling over where to go on vacation this year. I had a crazy idea, we have a box…

Too many fishermen postcard
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Fisherman math. It doesn’t add up!

   June 19, 2023  0 Comments on Fisherman math. It doesn’t add up!

I see only three ladies, and apparently four guys came on this trip. You would think that that having the…

Comic postcard; mistakes lady's butt for beach ball
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Beach Ball Bingo

   May 10, 2023  0 Comments on Beach Ball Bingo

So many things wrong with this. Everybody is wearing hideous clothing, even for beachwear- And this lady is walking(?) on…

Cartoon fancy postcard
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Deluxe accomodations

   May 3, 2023  0 Comments on Deluxe accomodations

Check out this fancy outhouse… I couldn’t resist trying it out, despite the ten minute limit. But when I came…

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Honda Keyfob cost more than a Chrysler

   April 21, 2023  0 Comments on Honda Keyfob cost more than a Chrysler

So glad I found my lost keys to my 2014 Honda Civic. It would have cost $100 or more to…

Cowbow in the outhouse
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Rural Poopification Administration

   April 11, 2023  0 Comments on Rural Poopification Administration

I sure hope this fellow Elmer stuck around long enough to see the government ensure people have indoor plumbing AND Charmin.

Your mother in law, per San Francisco's wax museum
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Young men, this is a must for happy marriage

   February 17, 2023  0 Comments on Young men, this is a must for happy marriage

your Mother-In-Law has a bond with your wife, and you need be polite and friendly even if you don’t feel i