Be vigilant! I guess?

Not sure what the mask situation is from one day to the next, government and trasport still mostly say masks for everybody, but private businesses must get a different flavor of Corona, they’re mostly “whatever floats your boat”. I wonder what army sentries are doing about this? So happy to be retired!


My former employer tried a clever approach to the problem of people wasting time in the loo… They took out some of the lighting, leaving only enough to “do your business” but not enough to read the newspaper. Eventually the lights returned, probably the maintenance man didn’t get the message.

Too much fun

This postcard offers the pathetic excuse for not writing, “having too much fun”. We haven’t had much fun recently, but I have been watching some Youtube videos featuring people exploring the most remote desert locations, old charcoal kilns, a stagecoach stop, stuff like that. No masks, no protestors, just warm desert sun. Maybe I’ll mail […]

Parking fun

Have fun parking your Belvedere station wagon at the Arcade Arches in Ojai, California, assuming it’s still laid out like this. It sure looks like a pleasant little California town on Google maps. This is what it looked like maybe fifty years ago; I can’t even remember the last time I had to parallel park. […]