Example back seat driver license
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Back seat drivers should be licensed too.

You probably know a few people who comment on other people’s driving, yet they repeatedly ride with said driver at the wheel. It makes no…

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Borax 20 mule team
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Stubborn as a mule?

I have often heard the phrase, “stubborn as a mule”. Yet here are 20 mules pulling some heavy load through a desert. It’s not like…

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Post-coital discussion about birth control
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He’s French Toast

The gist of it is, “I thought you were on the pill?” “No, but it’s you who will take it” and then “And to think…

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Log for toothpicks
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Toothpicks 2020

Bob and Larry were what we now call “supply chain specialists” for a major toothpick manufacturer in 1961. This may seem like an error in…

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Do hunters even say that?

This old postcard features elk antlers with bicycle horns? And the hunter says to his partner, “Look at that rack of horns!” ???? I don’t…

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Corny postcard about getting your pants pressed.
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Bloomers pressed while you wait!

Not sure what the gag is here, there is no caption. I would have the dry cleaner thinking, “Yellow in front, brown in back! Got…

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Fishing math comic postcard
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Fishing math!

Eddie sent this postcard back to his pals at Ideal Cleaners, maybe to gloat about being on vacation, although he hasn’t caught any fish yet….

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COMIC POSTCARD, vintage, milking a oow
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Grandkids from the city?

These goofy city kids think you get milk by cranking the cow’s tail. They are probably hoping to get chocolate milk from this brown cow….

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Orville Ewing Menagerie and postcard
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The old west still lives!

A man named Orville Ewing travelled this country a generation or two ago, with a menagerie of sorts, living off postcard sales and his artistic…

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Santa on his ass in the snow postcard
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Santa’s attitude problem

It’s early for this, but my wife found a 24 hour Christmas music radio station, so brother, here we go again. It makes her happy….

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