I would incorporate the lucky number on this old matchbook in my lottery pick, but the station suffered a sad fate as I probably would in regards to lotteries. KFIF was a daytime station, and the owner needed a round-the-clock station to compete- but he didn’t want to deal with the FCC BS. So he […]

The elephant in the room

Used to be a place you could bring your “significant other” and discuss that thing that neither of you cares to discuss- “The elephant in the room”. They should have had one of those discussions with the landlord? It’s not around anymore, as far as I can tell, a casualty of the covid?

Vote no on what now?

This old matchbook advocates voting NO on Proposition 5. I have no idea what proposition 5 is, but being a typical American that would not stop me from voting. Here’s a clue, looks like prop five wanted to prohibit something. My best guess is it is from a 1978 California anti-smoking initiative. Back then there […]

Graceful batshit

I found this Grace Line matchbook and did a little googling. It seems that this company started out by importing bat poop to the USA, where it was in high demand, because you know we love our batshit. Grace Line had an impressive line of cruise ships, and they flew their freak flag for decades, […]

A nice day in Cumberland

I like these extra-wide matchbooks. This one is for the Hazelton company, manly men with their crawlers, dozers, pay-loaders, rollers and graders… everything you need to establish dominance over dirt. Inside the matchbook it proclaims that “You can depend on their “Hazelton Men of Service”. None of this rolling up on the worksite at half […]

Zeke has had enough

I think Zeke has had enough of his little brother’s failure to plan ahead. Now everybody has to set their jugs down so he can light that pipe, disregarding revenuers. This was probably printed in the 1960’s. I understand my grandfather Smith had a still, he would probably get a belly laugh on this. Life […]