Isn’t that special.

You all really need to listen to Dana Carvey’s podcast. I got my first dose of that last night, wearing headphones. Teresa must think it’s weird when I’m doing the Patches chuckle but she can’t hear it and has no idea what is so funny. Dana of course is broadcasting from home, letting his hair […]


A few paragraphs in favor of “Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Technicolor Podcast” – Don’t care for his comedy stylings? Nails on a chalkboard? Listen anyway. Listen for his great guests, and the encyclopedic knowledge of old TV and movies that Frank Santopadre brings to the table. Some of the guests are real entertainment veterans, they have […]

Featured Podcast: Alpha Control

Nice thing about podcasts, every niche or obsession is represented. The guys on Alpha Control dutifully recap episodes of the original Lost In Space TV show, the one with Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris. Last night I learned that when the robot waves his arms around, he’s not freaking out, it helps him scan his […]

Peculiar Journeys

Another podcast I recommend. I usually have podcasts from a pillow speaker to distract me if I can’t sleep, due to a litany of worries, or simply Teresa’s odd jungle noises that she emits while sleeping. Don Hall is a casino manager, among other things. His tales of interacting with the Vegas riff-raff are surprisingly […]

Postcard Psych-ops?

This postcard tries to put a positive spin on boot camp activities. Trust me, it’s not that fun. For example, washing dishes – the water is SO HOT, they assign another guy to pour icewater in your gloves. Then again, you can pass the time by watching the antics of GIANT Great Lakes cockroaches. The […]

Mike Rowe is the new Paul Harvey

Today’s podcast recommendation is Mike Rowe’s “The Way I Heard It”… Mike dives into all sorts of events, his stories are riveting, and often there is a twist at the end. That’s why I called him “The new Paul Harvey” although that’s a bit of stretch, the style is similar. Check it out here or […]