…And so it begins.

We have been taking stock of this whole coronavirus thing. Our kids are out of school, I can’t imagine if they had been home schooled. Teresa pointed out that school teachers probably have more T cells after dealing with roomfuls of little snot factories every day. When Frank was little, we used to have Green […]

Is leisure becoming a bore?

I was looking at old newspapers and whatnot, found this article about too much leisure and isolation, from 1964! They had no idea. A study referenced therein said that a newborn rat, placed in solitary confinement, becomes a “nervous, aggressive, intractable animal” that bites so much that it precludes handling. Maybe that’s why we gotta […]

What about these matches?

I have been enjoying my matchbook cover collection while here on lockdown. Today I was mulling over whether to drown or burn the leftover matches. I noticed that while most matchheads are red or white, there are also at least some that are blue, and I found one with yellow matchheads. The matchbox matches seem […]

Make my own damn mask!

My wife is starting to think maybe a mask at the grocery store wouldn’t be a bad idea; I very rarely go so it’s a moot point for me. She wants to just sew up the masks from fabric she has laying around, I guess that’s better than nothing? It all feels so surreal. We […]