Screenshot from It Aint My Fault Brothers Osborne
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It ain’t my fault

I don’t know how all this hullaballoo in our nation’s capitol today is going to pan out, all I know is… IT AIN’T MY FAULT

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Excerpt from WWII editorial cartoon
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Squirrel Hollow or bust, that guy is a nut.

Actually the guy in the fake Uncle Sam get-up works for a competing railroad, and either way, this train is going to roll with at…

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Wireless Dymo label printer does not have to be.
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Wireless? I think not.

When you send a lot of letter-size envelopes as we do, a label printer is essential. I got this Dymo Labelwriter which is supposed to…

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Kingdome being destroyed for no good reason
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The Kingdome fiasco; 25 years ago today

On September 19, 1995, King County voters defeated a ballot measure that would have funded the construction of a new baseball-only stadium for the Seattle…

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Teresa has a common cold, but everyone is shitting their pants.
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…And so it begins.

We have been taking stock of this whole coronavirus thing. Our kids are out of school, I can’t imagine if they had been home schooled….

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Bored man is tired of fishing
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Is leisure becoming a bore?

I was looking at old newspapers and whatnot, found this article about too much leisure and isolation, from 1964! They had no idea. A study…

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Assortment of colors and styles RE: Matchheads.
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What about these matches?

I have been enjoying my matchbook cover collection while here on lockdown. Today I was mulling over whether to drown or burn the leftover matches….

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Chicken yard on Wade Road
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Can’t torment the chickens

There is a chicken house alongside the Interurban Trail in a stretch where we walk the dog; Cody always likes to stop there and go…

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Dick and Jane Coronavirus fun
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Make my own damn mask!

My wife is starting to think maybe a mask at the grocery store wouldn’t be a bad idea; I very rarely go so it’s a…

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Shit got real emergency toilet paper rolls
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The truest thing I know this week

I was searching for toilet paper online (Finally found a prison-grade 18 pack for $50 at Office Depot) – I saw this novelty roll at…

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