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The Shit Be Gone opportunity

I was going through my passwords, went to and found that it’s dormant, and Jed is receptive to licensing this brand. We used to buy cases of Shit-Be-Gone TP and it sold quickly...


It has frozen over

In the 1800’s, if the (lake?) froze over, the folks who could afford it took the time to head out on the ice. I can’t tell if they are depicted here as being very...


The Treachery of Greeting Cards

I almost bought this anniversary card for Teresa (The selection was limited at Target) but upon further rumination, I suspect that this popsicle card would cause her to say, “What are you trying to...


Household truth #214

It’s not like she wanted to return anything, or see if she forgot something. Does she need a reason?



Eileen had to reach over and push the ONE BUTTON that Larry was supposed to keep an eye on, instead of reading Field & Stream, or Penthouse Letters, or whatever he is so engrossed...

Bring it back! #112719 0

Bring it back! #112719

Seems like every day I find that something is better the way it used to be. Case in point, Ipana squeeze bottle toothpaste. Toothpaste tubes are just nasty. Looking for an alternative, I see...

Santa is in a minefield 0

Santa is in a minefield

I never know what to get my wife for Christmas. They are pushing those fancy Pelotin exercise bikes on TV as a gift, with some inane zoomer taking 38 selfies before she even gets...

Professional farts 0

Professional farts

We used to own a novelty store. One day I was searching for wholesale remote control fart machines (Think whoopie cushions but electronic). There is a company in China offering these; I don’t know...

Is that a cast on your arm, are are you just glad to club me? 0

Is that a cast on your arm, are are you just glad to club me?

It’s week 7 of having a cast, I had gotten into an altercation with my yard waste bin, and sustained a fractured 5th metatarsal – They tell me it’s a common injury for boxers!...