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Grandma’s soap saver

I was listening to the Larry Miller podcast, he was going on about saving soap slivers in the shower, somehow mushing them together to form a bar sufficient to bathe with. Apparently that is how they roll on the island of Milleronia.

Larry would be thrilled to have one of these Soap Banks. I found them in my dad’s old 1951 Jensen-Byrd wholesale supplier catalog. You just put your odd soap slivers inside, get it wet, and let the DuPont Cellulose sponge get nice and sudsy. That generation had endured the Great Depression and they were keen on saving money.

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I guess when your head hurts so bad that you can’t even stand the sight of a trademark stamp, you don’t care about side effects, but acetanilid will do a number on your kidneys and liver if you aren’t careful; it’s basically acetaminophen, and here comes the flu pandemic of 1917. Probably not a fun time to be a pharmacist either.

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Take your medicine, Gladys. I don’t see any horses.

Folks were flush with postwar cash in 1946, and they were asked what they would like to splurge on. This little girl wants a horse in the worst way, and it looks like that’s how she will get it.

Nix the whinnying, Chocolate Hay. Mr. Wilson will hear you!

I think this has the makings of a sitcom, trying to hide this steed from her parents, and from the neighbors who are the unwitting hosts, and maybe an inept animal control officer, The horse talks but keeps calling her Wilbur.

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Soldiers of Soda

Back in the day, apparently you could get into the Saturday Matinee for what? A dollar? Thirty-Five cents? Nope! Just six 7-up bottle caps! You could probably find them in the alley behind Uncle Larry’s house, or ask your big brother who works in a diner!

PLUS! A real guy from “Soldiers of Fortune” with a treasure chest of free toys and stuff! See a movie called “Springfield Rifle”! If that’s not violent, there’s always the cartoons.

Chick Chandler, An acclaimed vaudeville actor, who played various wise guy types over the years, played Toubo. I like to think that he personally made these appearances. He seems like the kind of guy who would love that job. He was married to the same lady for decades, and they passed away at almost the same time, a day apart. A life well lived.

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Life can be pleasant with Molson

Yes, life can be pleasant when you are holding your skis at something like port arms and someone is bringing bottles of frosty Molson Ale… Unfortunately, the guy at the end in the plaid shirt sees only two bottles, and there are three skiers. It looks like he is about to create a ruckus, which is pretty shocking for a Canadian. He was already mad about the “one ski per person” policy.

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Alternative to WAZE

Since cellphones with the WAZE app installed did not yet exist in 1906, motorists of the day resorted to using confetti flung across the roadway to warn other drivers of a “police trap” ahead.

Since speeds were limited by the capabilities of your horseless carriage, I have to assume that such traps involved general police harassment, and perhaps a nightstick on the noggin. One would be well advised to purchase the proffered tickets to the Policeman’s Widows and Orphans Ball.

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War is over, let’s go nuts

It’s 1946, the war is over, and Look magazine asks people what they want. to buy. Because apparently everyone has piles of cash now. They want a pony, a convertible, a cruise. But Dominic just wants a simple gold band…

It's 1946 and Dominic is investing in a wedding band.

“No, Dominic, I don’t know what you mean… Exactly what are you interested in having her do?” – Quebec girl’s dad

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‘Taint funny, Mcgee.

I was shopping for discount plane fares, and noticed that Alaska Airlines used to be McGee airways.

This was during the Heyday of the Fibber Mcgee and Molly radio show. They probably changed it because of situations like this:

I am terribly sorry to inform you that we are currently unable to locate your luggage. Customer: ‘Taint funny, Mcgee!!

They should have just went with it, and used Johnson Wax on the aisle, and maybe a terrible crash when anyone opened the cockpit door, like Fibber McGee’s closet.

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GTA5 Cheats because I am going to hell anyway

I picked up Grand Theft Auto 5 maybe two years ago now? Three? I enjoy driving around listening to the goofy talk radio.

Unfortunately, the idea is to follow a directed mission, I got stuck at the part where I am supposed to jump from a moving vehicle onto a boat that is being towed and the driver seems intent on not allowing me to complete this task, ludicrous as it is in the first place.

So I haven’t played it for some time. I got to thinking about it, normally I am not a big fan of cheat codes, but then again I’m getting older and my reflexes aren’t what they were. So it was either that or suffer the humiliation of asking my son to be a stunt double of sorts, which he would surely lord over me for a mighty long time.

I found what looks like a pretty good set of cheats at this page

I am going to try it tomorrow because Teresa wants me to go in the living room and watch “That Girl” and “Green Acres” with her.

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