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Would you rather get skin cancer?

I got this black wide-brim safari hat (The one on the right) from Amazon, great price, and it’s well made. The side snaps work great…

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An eeevil vaccine?

We have some of these Dr. Evil medical licenses in stock, and it’s a lot less than ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I worry that one of…

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"Female Body Inspector" novelty card
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A blast from the past?

Here’s a blast from the past, and I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s an FBI ID… “Female Body Inspector”. It is available…

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WWII Navy relay in can
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Isn’t anybody curious?

I got this WWII electronic relay in a can in a box of auction stuff, I think. It was never opened, so I don’t have…

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Mclovin ID card

McLovin doesn’t even get carded anymore.

To my dismay, store clerks don’t even ask for my ID anymore. I have to speed and get carded by a cop instead. It’s not…

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