It happened at the vaccine tent

A new nurse listened while a doctor was yelling, “Johnson and Johnson! Moderna! Pfiser!!” The new nurse asked another nurse, “Why is he doing that?” The other nurse replied, “Oh, he just likes to call the shots around here.” MEANWHILE AT HOME: All these TV platforms and channels, but nothing good on! Teresa is flipping […]

The Thermostat Wars

Who is cold and who is hot at your house? Teresa turns the FAN on at bedtime. It’s a post-menopause thing, she says. She does generate a lot of heat. If only we could corral all of this thermal energy? Later, after the fan is off, she goes into a type of sleep that generates […]


I dug out this bottle of Old Spice’s High Endurance formula body wash. Had been using Irish Spring, but fatty bar soap created a soap scum problem. Besides, “Irish Spring” smacks of civil unrest. This red body wash is OK. Teresa says High Endurance means it reduces my stench enough for her to endure it. […]

Chicks vs Dudes

I found this board game in the American Science and Surplus catalog ( ) – didn’t bite for several reasons… $9.50 is a bit steep for surplus We don’t care for trivia games the players depicted on the board aren’t even into it (The rope is not taut) Wife is still bitter after last […]

Military Terms

Even in wartime, guys have girls on their minds. Hence this postcard illustrating how the mind wanders. This card was mailed from Camp Lee Va. to Miss Billie Ray in West Virginia, so Virgil hasn’t gone far. He is apparently waiting for orders to go to cooking school. At the bottom he wrote “The sooner […]