Fighting filthy lucre!

I bought a big bucket of South American coinage at an auction a few years ago. The coins are all in rough shape, I imagine they had been buried somewhere for a while. I put some of these coins in a sonic washer with water and CLR (A calcium, lime, and rust remover brand) – […]

A tribute to the Peter Putters of the world

My dad’s old Jensen-Byrd supply catalog had 1641 pages of everything under the sun. Many of the items were from small suppliers. I imagine that Peter Putter had some sort of chemical background, but instead of going the way of Walter White, he perfected Peter Putter’s Plaster Pencils. I have tried various hole filling compounds, […]


My daughter likes to keep track of appointments and whatnot on this magnetic calendar board. She regularly goes to a day program with the initials WP – Since I could not fit the whole name on this fridge magnet I 3d printed for her, I used the initials. She goes 9 or 10 times a […]