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Sample geocache stats
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More useless geocaching data!

   May 3, 2022  0 Comments on More useless geocaching data!

I found “Project QC” while looking at geo caches online… (It’s raining out). They have a much more robust dataset…

Repurpose old newspaper vending boxes
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New life for old paper boxes!

   March 3, 2022  0 Comments on New life for old paper boxes!

I just heard about this “Free Blockbuster” thing… People are putting DVD, Blueray, even VHS tapes, in repainted old newspaper…

welded statue art holding rifle outside gun club
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Number one with a bullet!

   January 26, 2022  0 Comments on Number one with a bullet!

We hit the “Can’t Miss” Geocache a few years ago, it’s one of our favorites. (TIP: Change out of your…

Geocache with spider trick
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Spider cache

   November 18, 2021  0 Comments on Spider cache

We really enjoy Geocaching, but it seems we have found all the good ones around here. However, today we were…

The long walk back from unsuccessful geocache hunt.
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The trouble with geocaches

   September 25, 2021  0 Comments on The trouble with geocaches

Could not find it to save our lives, and probably spent 45 minutes trying. Of course it was the first one of the day. Not an auspicious start.

The old hide the cache in the rock trick.
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Geocache hidden in plain sight

   September 11, 2021  0 Comments on Geocache hidden in plain sight

There are a bunch of caches at River Meadows park, we found two- because we brought our elderly dog and he got pooped out.

Original Geocaching game metal ammo box
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Old school Ammo Can Geocaching Game

   August 24, 2021  0 Comments on Old school Ammo Can Geocaching Game

We have the original deluxe “Cache Me If You Can” geocaching board game, from 2013. The original, which came in an actual metal ammo box,

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Riding that train

   July 16, 2021  0 Comments on Riding that train

We found a cache in a small town, there was a tiny railroad nearby. At one point, several adults piled…

Hidden Geocache renewed
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Can’t have nice things

   June 19, 2021  0 Comments on Can’t have nice things

We set out to find the “Unicorn” geocache, at Jennings Park here in Marysville. Sadly, all we found was the…

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Flew the coop

   August 4, 2019  0 Comments on Flew the coop

We decided to fly the coop yesterday, driving around in Mount Vernon, walk the dog, look for Geocaches, etc. Didn’t…