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Flew the coop

We decided to fly the coop yesterday, driving around in Mount Vernon, walk the dog, look for Geocaches, etc. Didn’t have a lot of luck…

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THE PUP geocache could use some “Deep Woods OFF”.

We recently found a geocache called “THE PUP” in Lake Stevens- in some lovely woods behind the senior center. Teresa found a safety cone for…

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The "Troll Booth" geocache
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Trollbooth cache gives me a Stephen King feeling

This is the “Trollhouse” geocache we logged a few months ago. I put it on our favorites list just for the novelty of it. The…

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Sneaky Fern Cache

We must have passed by this cache a dozen times during our search. I stopped and looked at the comments, someone had taken a picture…

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Decorative jar geocache
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My kind of geocache!

The Geocache Thanks for Visiting is on our favorites list; it’s one of those where you just drive up and and walk a few yards,…

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welded statue art holding rifle outside gun club
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Number one with a bullet!

We hit the “Can’t Miss” Geocache a few years ago, it’s one of our favorites. (TIP: Change out of your Target uniform before you go.)…

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Geocache with spider trick
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Spider cache

We really enjoy Geocaching, but it seems we have found all the good ones around here. However, today we were walking the dog on the…

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