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Shop around for dog meds!

I got an old fat mutt at the animal shelter, took him to the vet because he had lots of bumps all over, and clearly wasn’t on top of his game.

They prescribed an anti-allergy pill called Apoquel, although we don’t know what he is allergic to. I had them write a Px and I filled it at Costco. Later I overheard someone recommending to get dog meds at, I was having problems with my local Costco pharmacy moving too slow, so I tried Chewy. Bada BING – Saved $20 a month, and have it set to autofill. One less thing to keep track of, it looks like a win all around.

DISCLAIMER – I don’t get anything from Chewy for spreading the work regarding the low Px prices. I just ordered it today, so we will see.

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Vintage K9

We found this old guy at the animal shelter, looking kinda pathetic because of allergies, according to our vet. We got some pills and eyedrops and special shampoo, now Cody is feeling better. He is enjoying having a back yard, and snoozing on the floor in my office, with no yips and yaps, no parade of humans who don’t recognize the value of an older dog.

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Have yourself a surly little Christmas

From Christmas Day 1967, me in the yellow shirt, with some of my sisters. Cheryl and Jan are apparently of the age when everything pisses you off? Evelyn is too young to know the horrors of being a teenage girl. This is the year I got an HO train set, that’s hard to beat.

It all seems so long ago. I guess the picture I have hanging in my dining room is an antique now.

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I was scanning in a bunch of my aunt Jean’s old photos, that’s her in the road, but who is the guy standing several feet behind her? Is he holding… a scythe? I zoomed in and it’s either a scythe, or a paper of some sort. Maybe he is a process server?

Either way… RUN, AUNT JEAN, RUN!!

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The We’ll See ashtray

This was my dad’s ashtray that was next to his recliner, usually for cigar ashes. I remember when I was a kid, right around the time of the moon landing,

I got an Estes model rocket catalog in the mail. So I made a pitch to invest in some of these highly educational and inexpensive rockets. Dad took the catalog and looked at it for a few minutes, handed it back to me. He took a long pull on his cigar, looked at me and said the words I dreaded; “We’ll see.”

It is no wonder that I am not working for Raytheon or Rockwell as a highly skilled propulsion systems engineer.

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That whistling sound…

I had a bit of a hard time sleeping last night… Had the radio on classical music to try to soothe the mental torment, but something about that violin concerto wasn’t quite right. It took probably 20 minutes of careful listening, occasionally holding my breath, being very still, to determine that the discordant note was caused by the wife, she had one of those “nose whistle” things going on. I think I was chiming in with a wheezing in C flat.

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Parkside Kids

Parkside Elementary Seattle Class of 1967 rules
I guess this is the class of 1967, for picture day I got your basic buzz cut (Dad had a flat top! And I don’t mean that in a good way) – Girls on the other hand… That girl behind me, either her mother is a hair stylist or she got set back four grades. I’m surprised that she’s not smoking in this picture.

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Maybe I should have said “tiger”? Pictionary fun

We have been sort of confined to quarters by bad weather, so to keep from going all REDRUM! we have been playing Pictionary.

Now, every time we open the Pictionary box, I am confronted by the the drawings from earlier games. This picture is pretty obviously “Deodorant”…

… But this one took a while to remember… It looks like a German Shephard with a giant fly on his back, as viewed through a window. Then I noticed the horse footprints, and remembered, it’s a “Trojan Horse”. I shouldn’t have tried to draw a gift box around him.

Tonight, I sort of had the opportunity to cheat, Frank drew a line, and being a smart Alec I yelled LINE! And Frank exclaimed “He guessed it!” Teresa and Daphne wanted to know how I guessed it from just a line! I was confused by this, turns out the word was “Lion”. Everybody ganged up on me then and made me spit out my gum.