I got this old bowling medallion from Listia.com for almost free. It is inscribed on the front, (above their club’s “coat of arms”) 25th Anniversary, the coat of arms says 1942, so either the medallion was made in 1967… …Or the club was established in 1917, just in time for that flu pandemic. Talk about […]

I give up on this

I have lost interest in my coin and token collection, Except for the silver dollar with the president Nixon case, that my dad gave me. I have a lot of wooden nickels, plastic tokens, etc. old bus tokens, casino chips etc. but not attached to any of them. They are mostly before my time. This […]

Road Blade

I did my good deed today, picked up this sharp object that was in the road. I think it might be some kind of brake part? but it is small, very thin and very sharp. But it could have gotten flipped up by someone’s front tire to be in position to slash the back tire. […]

Isn’t anybody curious?

I got this WWII electronic relay in a can in a box of auction stuff, I think. It was never opened, so I don’t have any idea of what it looks like; it is in something like an old oil can is made. I guess the Navy must have bought too many. I’m really surprised […]

Too many monkeys!

If you all think my matchbook covers collecting is a stupid hobby, There is a lady on Facebook is downsizing her Sock Monkey collection. If she is culling Mr. Coconuts AND the Family School Bus Set, that’s 10 monkeys- so how many did not get downsized? 30? 50? 200? The seller notes “These were strictly […]