A blast from the past?

Here’s a blast from the past, and I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s an FBI ID… “Female Body Inspector”. It is available on ebay; Female Body Inspector Card – (We make a small amount if you buy this, at least in theory) It seems like a good way for a young man […]


Normally I don’t like to reference the turmoil in the world today, but I ran across this Mad Magazine cover trading card, and COME ON… it’s a little bit too “on the nose” if anything. We had Nixon back then, but then we didn’t have him to kick around anymore. No covid, but my parents […]


I came across these fun old Mad Magazine collector cards, this one caught my eye… This pair of cards simulate the famous fold-in gag from the last page of each Mad Magazine, at least during the era I was a subscriber. This one is concerned that “Busy medics are worried about a new freak epidemic […]

Slovenly Sister

I have come into possession of a large batch of letters received many years ago by a lady named Helen. Most of these are from the 1930’s and 40’s. Helen was away at college when she got this letter from her sister; not sure I would have kept it. This cursive is mostly readable. Helen’s […]

First, do no mom.

I am not sure if doctors often encounter patients who casually get naked in the examining room EXCEPT hot red high heels. These pervy little card collections were printed in the 1950’s… Back then the doctor would judge her on being an unwed mother, and probably talk to her about the birds and the bees […]

A tribute to the Peter Putters of the world

My dad’s old Jensen-Byrd supply catalog had 1641 pages of everything under the sun. Many of the items were from small suppliers. I imagine that Peter Putter had some sort of chemical background, but instead of going the way of Walter White, he perfected Peter Putter’s Plaster Pencils. I have tried various hole filling compounds, […]