Library card from "Our American Neighbors"
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Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

Here’s an old textbook from a yard sale. It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians. I think all…

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Gladys Kravitz about town
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Gladys Kravitz lives

I was shocked to discover that these “about town” columns still existed as recently as the 1970’s. You know, a list of happenings like “The…

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Wartime letter to girlfriend in Chicago
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Disrespecting Rosie the Riveter

I came into possession of some wartime correspondence. This fellow wrote to his girlfriend in November of 1942. Stationed in California, at one point he…

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"Female Body Inspector" novelty card
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A blast from the past?

Here’s a blast from the past, and I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s an FBI ID… “Female Body Inspector”. It is available…

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Elvis Presley listening to his recordings, trading card
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Elvis lives! Thanks Mr. Wertheimer

I was standing out on the lawn when I heard my mother crying; that was the day Elvis died. Fortunately Alfred Wertheimer was a photographer…

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Normally I don’t like to reference the turmoil in the world today, but I ran across this Mad Magazine cover trading card, and COME ON……

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Tariq or Larry Tate?
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Finally got the Larry Tate card!

I got some more of those “Desert Storm Trading Cards” and there was a Tariq Aziz card! A prized card due to his uncanny resemblance…

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Excerpt from MAD fold-in gag
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I came across these fun old Mad Magazine collector cards, this one caught my eye… This pair of cards simulate the famous fold-in gag from…

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Desert Storm Trading Card: Oil
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Operation Desert Storm: This time it’s personal

I acquired a pack of these “Desert Storm Trading Cards” – I don’t know if there are “rare” and “common” cards (“I’ll trade these two…

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Letter from mean sister 1939
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Slovenly Sister

I have come into possession of a large batch of letters received many years ago by a lady named Helen. Most of these are from…

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