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Slot machines take you?
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PIONEER CLUB: The honest Casino

   September 26, 2023  0 Comments on PIONEER CLUB: The honest Casino

The famed historic Pioneer Club lays it on the line in this 1948 gaming guide

Mailman sorting letters, and counting the days until he retires.
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OH. Those Christmas cards.

   September 22, 2023  0 Comments on OH. Those Christmas cards.

When I was a kid, I sold Christmas cards door to door, from a sample catalog. They were beautiful cards, with all manner of sparkly crap and embossed gold or silver bits.

Wall-eyed Ben-Gay user
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Ben-gay side effects

   September 21, 2023  0 Comments on Ben-gay side effects

This article says if you put Ben-gay on your forehead and on the back of your neck, it will make your headache go away. Your head will stink, but you won’t have a headache anymore.

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Cook-Outs are fun but watch out for pests

   September 19, 2023  0 Comments on Cook-Outs are fun but watch out for pests

“cook outs” are top fun in any season!

1957 article about lung cancer
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Smoking causes WHAT??

   August 16, 2023  0 Comments on Smoking causes WHAT??

STURGEON GENERAL SAYS SMOKING IS FISHY! Imagine it’s March, 1957. You are relaxing after work, listening to a ball game…

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BE the death of the party!

   August 8, 2023  0 Comments on BE the death of the party!

Sarge (Sad Sack) comic book featuring this Regence novelty ad… It gives a kid a break from the relentless violence inflicted on the Sad Sack by Sarge. Beetle Bailey had it a lot easier.

The dreaded Friday memo
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Office Memos were different then

   August 5, 2023  0 Comments on Office Memos were different then

Here’s a memo from Wichita Boeing, circa 1951, came out on a Friday. That gave the Assembly Records Clerks a chance to decipher the 3 page memo, figure out when to use a red tab and what the APL folder is because the leadMAN is going to ask HER for it at some point.

1909 Wisconsin tornado insurance
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Read the fine print!

   July 27, 2023  0 Comments on Read the fine print!

It specifically excludes farming equipment, reapers, mowers, wagons, buggies, and the like.

Animals are out also; Horses, mules, and colts, cattle, sheep, hogs.

don't let your dod lick your face
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Don’t let your dog lick you!

   July 7, 2023  0 Comments on Don’t let your dog lick you!

Look, I love my dog as much as the next guy, and I have been known to give him treats.