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I can’t catch a good deal

we were backing out of a parking spot and this happened. I didn’t see a flatbed trailer someone parked behind me and it lined up just so to pop my reflector.

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I found this old “Mad Reader”, it’s a 1970’s reprint of 1950’s content. Their spoof of Archie Comics was, in my opinion, better than the real thing!

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Amazon’s dumbest idea yet

Doesn’t Amazon know, out of the tens of thousands of people getting Amazon packages in this particular style of box…

Epson printer envelope printing glitch
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Epson compelled me!

So irritated with a certain glitch in my recently purchased Epson printer, I made a youtube video about it. It’s not pretty

Future battle of the candy conglamorates
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Dystopian Candy

The back of an old Betty & Veronica Archie digest greeted me with this horrifying dystopian future.

Wipe your boots sign aimed at Earl.
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Have some class, Earl

My guess is some guy named Earl came in with filthy boots more than once, so he is the one getting picked on.