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Attitude problem

I used to work with a guy that would walk about five feet, stop and sigh heavily, then walk another five feet… I found this…

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Found Letter, the Cornell one
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Good advice in the shrubs

I was walking the dog in a trashy parking lot and found this page from a letter, I think sent to or from a truck…

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Riding that train

We found a cache in a small town, there was a tiny railroad nearby. At one point, several adults piled aboard the little train and…

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Ice breaker or creepazoid alert?

I was just a tot when they produced these whimsical “Sex! Sex! and more Sex!” book matches. I am not sure what the deal is,…

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WTW5105HW whirlpool washing machine review
Posted in Grey Gardens West

Whirlpool Washing Machine

We plopped down a bundle for this WTW5105HW Whirlpool 4.7-cu ft High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer, so now everybody wants to do laundry. I think our ancient…

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I have questions

I’ve never run across this configuration of outhouses. Normally an outfit like “Porta-potty” supplies individual, self contained poopin’ boxes. Would this row of, uh, outhouses,…

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Publishers cleaning house?

I don’t know what publishers do with books that just do not sell. For example, they probably have a warehouse full of these poorly conceived…

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This can’t be good!

An old tampon ad urging women to “catch up” because “The trend to Tampax tampons is BECOMING A STAMPEDE”. And simply serenading the machine won’t…

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That’s $50 a Beatle!

I know some ladies who obsessed over the “Fab Four” back in the sixties… Any of them would be delighted to be gifted with this…

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Grain harvesting in Saskatchewan
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What aboot the grain lift?

Once in awhile, I find a matchbook like this. No address, no phone number. Not even a company name? I guess if you are standing…

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