Antique CPR assist device
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I’m not putting my mouth on that dude!

It’s a good thing that they changed the CPR to chest compressions only, (To the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” just by coincidence) – With this…

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The Floral Forest

I saw somewhere where a guy substituted floral foam for Woodland Scenics ground cover… Look how it turned out! Just take a block of that…

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She’s very dry

What is the deal with these “Hollywood” bikinis? The add to send away for the pattern says it’s for “sunning and posing” – BUT NOT…

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Lamp Chimney cleaning with bonus annoying sister added for extra misery.
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Lamp chimney cleaning beats protesting.

This 1951 newspaper comic panel appealed to the households who were still waiting for electricity, I guess. Although I wonder if they had the extra…

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We miss fighting with you postcard
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We miss getting smashed with the neighbors

The folks in this postcard send a message back to their drinking buddies back home, and I can see why they would miss the fights,…

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That’s just unsafe!

Somebody put a shelf about 7 feet in the air, so this hardworking administrative assistant has to get a stepladder to retrieve last month’s TPS…

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train tunnels in progress
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Conceal my ineptitude!

As you see, the back third of the primary train layout here, will be mountains; tall mountains when I’m done. This is layered syrofoam panels,…

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Auctioneer's mascot goat
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Saturday Auction goat

The saturday auction in Stanwood has this amazing goat in the window. I guess it’s to get passersby to think “Next week is our wedding…

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MCM doorway room divider shelf unit
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Hello! Meet my plants and trinkets.

When I was a kid in the late 60’s/early 70’s, I used to sell door-to-door (mainly from those outfits in the back of the comic…

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Trouble with Angels Movie theater posting
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Hayley Mills? Say no more.

This is at least in Teresa’s top ten favorite movies, having been in Catholic school when she was a young un. I guess she liked…

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