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Whimsical fire hydrant with googly eyes
Posted in Flotsam

It makes me nervous

Whenever we are walking the dog down by the airport, I feel like I am being watched. It just occurred to me, my dog never…

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1966 model train layout.
Posted in Back in My Day

The trains used to run on time!

When I was a kid, I got this train set for Christmas- My parents later sold it to pay for my cub scout uniform! That…

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rectangular sun lamp

There’s got to be a rectangular sun

  I got this lamp that is supposed to emit light in the spectrum of daylight. So far, it has not enhanced my mood. Maybe…

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Is that one a hippie? - Apollo 10.5 outtake
Posted in Back in My Day

It’s 1969 all over again!

Less about the space race and more about growing up in those times. Recommended for ages 58 and up!

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Virgin Mary broken but not defeated
Posted in Highways and Byways

Protection for the stormwater retention pond

This broken Virgin Mary appeared years ago at “Petey’s Pond” (So dubbed after the dog I had when we discovered it). Someone put her back…

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Mark Trail never gets bored
Posted in Uh

Is leisure becoming a bore?

I was looking at old newspapers and whatnot, found this article about too much leisure and isolation, from 1964! They had no idea. A study…

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Posted in Mildly Interesting

The incessant blathering of Jen Kirkman

Always has to make everything into a “thing” but a nice person under all the yakkity yak.

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Sleeping on the filing cabinet
Posted in Mildly Interesting

The one about filing cabinets

I play podcasts while sleeping. Stumbled across this fascinating history of the filing cabinets. I knew it was legit because there was a “Hong Kong Phooey” reference.

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Paul Peterson She Cant find her keys
Posted in Love and War files

I hope she has mace in her purse.

This old tune is about a couple going on a date, they get to her door, but his hopes for a goodnight kiss are dashed,…

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Stout Malt Liquor Party People
Posted in The Advertising

After the bad times

We were discussing what we are going to do after this pandemic lunacy fades away. There is a lot to say about that, but I…

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