Good God, Lemon! Seahorses

From postcard dynasty Carman and Casey, The people who brought you “The story of Shells” and “The Legend of the Sand Dollar”, here’s “The Tale of the Sea Horse”. Mother nature can be so cruel!

In case the postcard is hard to see on your device;

Here is the life history
And queer as it can be
Of a curious little family
That lives within the sea.

It’s Papa and Mama Sea Horse
And their simple family plan,
How they rear their children
And the way she treats her man.

He’s not noted for his beauty
He’s a cu-ri-os-i-ty,
With his skeleton on the outside
For everyone to see.

He does his swimming upright
And when it’s time to rest,
He twines his tail ’round seaweed
Or he’s swim himself to death.

But when it comes to family life
It’s as simple as can be,
Mama lays her eggs in papa’s pouch,
He has the family.

Then mama just sits back and laughs,
She has it pretty nifty,
While Papa toils and tends his “colts”
Of at least two hundred fifty.

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