Grueling life on the farm pre-Netflix

Postcard... Man resting on a plow in Wisconsin

This guy looks like he is thinking about going into his Uncle Marv’s Cheese business. The number of horse heads vs. the number of legs, is starting to get to him.

Does the sender of this card, Peg have a wooden leg? Farms are dangerous.

I gained even more respect for Peg when I read the message on the back;

Hello Bub; I guess you are busy, I am too. I hauled 16 loads of manure today and broke a fork handle doing it (too strong) I wish I was with you I would like to breath smoke again and see all the boys play ball. Will write soon Peg

Peg hauled 16 loads of manure and broke a fork handle. I read this one to my wife and she said “Welcome to my world.” What did she mean by that?

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