Read the fine print!

An old Tornado insurance policy, only $12 premium but it does not cover much. Basically a 1 1/2 story farmhouse and two barns.

It specifically excludes farming equipment, reapers, mowers, wagons, buggies, and the like.

Animals are out also; Horses, mules, and colts, cattle, sheep, hogs.

(What about chickens?)

The home is covered but not Household furniture, useful and ornamental. Family wearing apparel. Sewing machines, trunks, canes, etc. Sounds like all of your household goods and conveyances, not covered. My advice would be to pack up in advance of the storm and head out like the Joads.

I guess Mr. Charles Blackman read the policy and found the terms satisfactory. Maybe the mortgaging bank required this type of policy at a minimum.

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