White powder in alley

Well preserved brick wall ad for Sperry "Drifted Snow" Flour.

We have lived in Marysville since 1991, and walked on that sidewalk dozens of time. How did I miss the old Sperry flour ad in the alley?

The Spokane newspaper says; ‘The Spokane plant was sold to VWR United in 1966. The aging facility was sold to agribusiness giant ADM in 1981. “We take flour from our other nearby facilities in Cheney and Spokane and then add micro-ingredients to make dry mixes for products such as donuts, muffins and pancakes,” said Brent Jay, manager of the Sperry Mill. “We also make icings, glazes and other bakery ingredients like fruit fillings.”’

Sounds good to me!

PS The “Drifted Snow” ad reminds of “Better Off Dead”; Lane’s weird friend who went skiing and snorted the snow with a straw.

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