I really miss going to the mall and various stores, but doggone it, say what you will about Amazon, but it is convenient! The bulk of our Christmas shopping goes in the Bezos’ swiss bank account.

I wonder if my mom had “Sears guilt”. Us kids would circle items in the yearly “wish book”. and later mom would use the extension in their bedroom to call in an order for items her and dad had picked out for us – (Not always circled but still wonderful)

Meanwhile the clerks at Aurora Village stores, and Chubby and Tubby, and, uh, Nordstrom’s? The clerks at the brick and mortar Sears, all deprived of the opportunity to make commissions, SPIFFs, upsells, that’s their bread and butter.

I wasn’t too thrilled to get a Sears “Free Spirit” bike instead of a Schwinn like my old Stingray. “Free Spirit” sounds like a feminine hygeine product. But it was a good bike, a solid, well balanced 3 speed. I was so spoiled.

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