A mighty menagerie estate sale?

This old 1967 Grit magazine featured Mrs. Fred Erwin and her collection of souvenir dogs, over 1000 of them, taking up an entire wall in their suburban home. She got them all over, from friends, rummage sales, mainly from travels with Fred. I am sure Fred was glad she didn’t collect boulders, like Lucy in “The Long, Long Trailer”.

The dogs are made of everything from gold to buffalo horn. How much of her life did she spend dusting? My wife has some knick knacks but she keeps them mostly in glass displays. I just grimace and continue down the hall. It makes her happy.

Kids get all our crap; it’s in the will.

Not sure what her kids will do with it all. We have a lot of “stuff” too. I don’t worry about it too much, our stuff I don’t care what becomes of it. You can’t take it with you! Maybe the kids will move far away and someday youtube explorers will explore our abandoned house.


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