Too rural for me!

My brother wanted me to go in with him on a Cafe/store/post office in Wauconda, Washington… Beautiful country out there, but the guy that was selling it had an attitude because I am from the i-5 corridor… I guess he pigeon-holed me, I did not like that.

Anyway, the main problem I had with that deal, I would have to move out there and it would just be us, and Larry, Darryl, and Darryl? I don’t know, but it seemed lonely.

I found an old Grit magazine featuring this tiny, tiny post office in Muddy, Illinois. Miss Virginia was postmaster there for many years. Recently the USPS converted it to a remotely-serviced zip. I would bet they did that to Wauconda also, not sure what they paid to rent the little postal area in the back of the store. The whole thing went out of business since then, I suspect it was septic drainage problems, along with not enough business. I sure glad to be here in the land of the cash registers.

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